Chaos and Jump! Predictions

Check back every few days for changes.
Last edit: June 17, 2011 (See changes at bottom)


Visit Spadow’s Blog to read all about the latest massive update to Maple World, Chaos. All predictions are made for the FIRST CHAOS UPDATE. The second and third Chaos updates will likely come two weeks and five weeks after the first update.

The first Chaos update “Age of Heroes” has been confirmed for June 29, 2011. The second, “Age of Artisans”, July 11; the third, “Age of Battle”, July 20; The forth, “Ice Knights”, July 26. The final mysterious Chaos update which will include exclusive content has not had its date announced yet.


Jump! is a three part update aimed at the balancing of the skills of many of the game’s classes. Read more about MapleStory Jump! at Spadow’s Blog.

Summary: October to December with December being the most likely release month.

Predictions of when we’ll have Jump! by
September: 5%
October: 30%
November: 50%
December: 100%

Chaos Hints

June 17, 2011: Chaos announced with the first update “Age of Heroes”. June 29!

May 21, 2011: New notice, ‘Important Change for Dual Blades & Heroes‘.

After June 29th, Dual Blades, Arans, and Evans will be back and better than ever!

Confirmation or not? I say confirmation.

April 29, 2011: In the Jubilation update event notice it is made known that most events will end on June 14. This is also said:

Jubilation is easily the most light-hearted expansion for MapleStory this year. Enjoy it while it lasts, because at the end of this party there will be Chaos.

Do I smell Chaos on June 15?

Lionheart/Chryse Hints

December 31: Crystin Cox has said that MapleStory will have some big updates this Spring. Lionheart and Chryse? Probably. Chaos has also been confirmed for summer 2011.

Big Bang Hints

October 1: The Rebirth of Maple World poll ends with “Big Bang” chosen by the players as the name for MapleStory’s largest update ever. Quote from the original Rebirth of Maple World event announcement:

In Korea they called it the “Big Bang.” It was the most important update in MapleStory history and it’s coming to Global MapleStory soon.

August 23: Quote from the Maple Times of August 20:

There have been signs that the Black Mage is returning with massive monsters continuing to shake up Maple World by land and sea.

July 27: Look at this. Notice the quote:

We are also working on refreshing the interface for the game and rolling out new control options.

I wonder what UI refreshing they can be talking about. Either Nexon America is creating one themselves or this is a hint towards Big Bang.

Chaos and Jump! are coming so get ready and get some NX today!


June 17, 2011: Added Chaos date confirmations.
May 21, 2011: Changed Chaos predictions to show June 29 confirmation.
April 29, 2011: Changed Chaos predictions.
March 12, 2011: Removed Lion King’s Castle predictions. Changed Chryse and Chaos predictions slightly.
March 6, 2011: Added date confirmations for Chryse and Lion King’s Castle.
January 27, 2011: Finally removed Big Bang predictions following the completion of the trio of Big Bang updates. Made changes to other predictions.
January 9, 2011: Changed Mechanic predictions to reflect date confirmation and edited Lionheart Castle predictions slightly.
December 31: Removed Wild Hunter and Battle Mage predictions. Changed Mechanic date predictions.
December 18: Updated Resistance predictions.
December 11: Updated Big Bang predictions and added Chaos predictions.
October 30: Added Chryse predictions.
October 8: Changed Big Bang predictions to reflect Winter 2010 confirmation.
October 1: Castle of Lionheart predictions added!
September 28: Removed Ice Gorge predictions due to v90 content update. Also changed the chances of Big Bang coming on October and removed chance of it coming in September.
September 14: Changed predictions due to Big Bang GMS name event thing.
August 23: new Big Bang hit added.
August 18: August chances removed. Big Bang predictions have been raised a bit.
August 7: Changed chances for Ice Gorge.
July 27: Added “Hints” section under Big Bang.

  1. i think it wil all come with the x-mass patch…..
    like : Santa has come and he is shocked to see that the maple world isn’t what it used to be.
    shouldn’t you add resistance to ur predictions.
    we always get jobs with a maximum of 5 (!) months after KMS….
    aran = 6 months, evan = (can’t remember), Dual Blade = 5 months.
    So say kms got Dual Blade in July (not sure but its easy match to so july 17th).
    5 months after that is December !
    so it fits with the winter patch.
    In this winter patch , Happy something wil come with Sanata and Rudolph , Resistance and Big bang ( since it came out same time as Resistance )
    GMS wil put Big Bang in 3 different patches to like KMS.
    each being 1 month later than the previous.
    Also keep in mind that KMS got Resistance 1 whole year ( maybe 11 months ) after they got aran.
    And we got aran in December so i dont think we wil get Resistance + Big Bang any later than Decemeber, or if Nexon wanna give us a dick-move-like-giving-us-evan-on-last-day-of-month-or-like-dont-make-the-6-hr-2x-exp-come then we can expect it during the latest hour of 2010 , so then you can say the patch came in 2011.
    I should start my own prediction blog.

    • We got Evan 3 months after KMS did.
      The reason Resistance isn’t there is because I’m counting it as part of the Big Bang update. The predictions listed are my predictions of when the first Big Bang update will come. I agree with you that December seems the most likely release month but still believe that it could come anywhere from November the earliest to January the latest, leaving December the average. My chances for September (15%) and October (30%) we really just me being optimistic, I doubt we’ll see anything in September or October.

      Maybe Nexon America will give us Big Bang as part of the New Year event. Like “New Year, New MapleStory”. Anything is possible. But then again a new class always comes out in preparation for the Winter holidays when people have more time to play a deep pocket full of money (we got Pirates in November 2008 and Aran in December 2009). So maybe it’ll come in December (which is very likely). Anyway this page will be updated soon with latest predictions so let’s wait and see what my magical update crystal ball will tell me next.

    • The resistance is part of the big bang… Same with the Mechanics… if u check spadows blog ull see that the resistance comes out only a few weeks after the actual big bang and then the mechanic comes just a few weeks after them… i think it was 2, maybe 3 weeks apart…. so like, big bang, 2 weeks later: resistance, 2 more weeks later: mechanic… So when know the big bang release date we’ll pretty much know the resistance and mechanic releases, give or take a week. (prolly not take a week, lol)

      • Thank you but I’m aware of that. But to differentiate between the Maple World Mashup and the Resistance classes I call the Mashup “Big Bang” and the Resistance classes “Resistance”. That’s how people generally refer to them anyway.

  2. yay 🙂 u placed my comment in the new theory for big bang in GMS 🙂
    im honored xD
    did you already knew about We are also working on refreshing the interface for the game and rolling out new control options. or did you knew it because i saw it in my comment ?

    • I saw it before but didn’t want to post it because I thought that I was an idiot for thinking it was a hint. Then you said it and I was like “Well great mind think alike” so I decided to post it up.

      • hehe good that i saw it to … i felt like an idiot to for posting it , but then i saw it in your blog and i tought : oooh its alright , so we are OR both idiots , or we have a good eye for patch hints.

  3. Are you gonna change the % for Ice gorge in August? Since u Putted 25%

  4. Ice gorge is coming tomorrow 😀

  5. You should do Van Lion now. 😀

  6. actually, its 100% december since nexon already said in the “big bang in the air” blog that the BB will be released before new-year, and since december is the best month to market stuff and buy NX (Xmas and holidays) they will probably do it then.

  7. wow. the patch tomorrow is a 30 min cash shop update -_-
    I thought we might get big bang.

    • I has been pretty clear that Big Bang is coming out on either December 7 or December 8 for many days now. Just don’t get mad a Nexon for only giving us a cash shop maintenance tomorrow.

  8. 6-7 days :/ they shoulda started the countdown by now.

  9. can u post the patch notes for big bang and what happened to your basil

  10. resistance is coming next monday, and testing was no needed, seems I was right 😀

    • Yes, you were right. -Hands “You were right and Zach was wrong” medal to both you shadowkun-. I apologize for giving you wrong information. You have to understand though that as far as I know there was (and still is) NO reason why Nexon couldn’t put this thing in Tespia. It being tested in Korea means nothing. GlobalMS is a completely different game. Anyways, I’m sure Nexon knows that they’re doing.

      4 DAYS!

  11. Van leon comes out in june its confirmed with the calledner event so you might wanna change the van leon and chyrese predictions

    • Even if they come in June, they’ll be patched in in March. Until I learn more about our new update scheduled I will continue to predict the time the content arrives based on patch date, not on the date when they’ll be activated. This should change soon though.

  12. Nexon confirmed with the basil chat that von leon is comeing in march with the next patch on march 15th i think it was and golden temple comes out in 3 days till the 15th

  13. This time im sure 8D

  14. to let you know a bit about the planning of EMS updates since you don’t really know everything yet, you didn’t even know big bang would come in the summer before they confirmed it~, but right after the Dual Blade patch comes Hob King PQ and Chaos Bosses, and atfer that comes Big Bang. In the 6 months left of the year there will be a lot of things like van leon castle, probably malaysia and neo tokyo/neo city, chaos update, chryse and guild revamp 🙂

    • The thing is that there were nothing that would lead me to believe that EMS would receive Big Bang this Summer. The fact that MapleSEA isn’t getting it until May also made me think that EMS would get it much later since EMS is usually a distance behind MapleSEA.

  15. Chaos is likely to come in June moreover July, all event end at June and the data extractions show nothing to popup after the Anniversary besides Chaos.

  16. msupdate :You’re right. I’ll edit this soon. Thanks .

    uhm… Nexon America .. or GMS, said that : prepare for the party (anniversary) because after that there will be chaos (chaos) … this means after the anniversary patch we will get Chaos … Aniversary ends at 16 june or something .. so i’m 99 % sure that at june 16 we will get Chaos. Oooh and u should edit the part were it says : This prediction is about the FIRST CHAOS UPDATE, the other ones will follow in a couple weeks after the first update. Looking at the updates Nexon America is doing with the BIG UPDATES every 3 months .. I think we will get all the Choas updates the same time. Reason : 1. adds more content to the game directly after launch. 2. Fits with the, HUGE CONTENT AT ONCE thing Nexon AMerica is doing the past 2 updates ..

    ~ur awsome zach~

    • Anniversary events end on June 14 which also leads me to think we’ll likely get Chaos on June 15. The thing is that the next patch doesn’t necessarily have to be right when the events end, it could be a few weeks after. I’ve put a 50% chance of July 15 and a 10% for five weeks following it.

  17. Wow, either way we’re getting the next major patch pretty quickly! Doesn’t it feel like we just got Big Bang not too long ago? I am looking forward to Chaos and Jump very much.

  18. Well Kristian cox anounced in a video, that there would be not 3 parts to our chaos,not 4,BUT 5! the fith part is GMS exclusive, i think you should do a post about our 5 part chaos patch before spadow or anyone else,i think the 5th part might be masteria and the alien PQ and if not it will be something that will catch everyoe off gaurd.

  19. I feel like GMS wants to slow down on the updates. But I don’t think they shouldn’t 😀

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