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[AO] [NXEU] Nexon Europe Takes Over Service of German and French Atlantica

It was announced last year that Nexon America had taken over the publishing the English service of the world famous and extremely successful Atlantica Online. Now, Nexon Europe has taken over the publishing of the German and French game services. Unlike Nexon America, however, Nexon Europe has actually launched their own website and are currently accepting account transfers from Ndoors Interactive to Nexon. Ndoors continues to publish the Portuguese and Spanish services of the game.

Atlantica Online German Website
Atlantica Online French Website
Atlantica Online English Website

[Breaking News] Nexon America to Take Over Atlantica Online

A shake up has taken place in online gaming today as it was announced that Nexon America will take over the English service of Atlantica Online as of Monday, November 1. The transfer of Atlantica Online will be the first noticeable change that is a result of NDOORS’ acquisition into Nexon Corporation earlier this year.

Atlantica Online is an extremely popular persistent online strategy game and was originally launched in North America by Ndoors Interactive on October 30, 2008. Atlantica Online has always been published in Japan by Nexon Japan.

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