About The Stupid Blog

The msupdate Blog was opened on August 28, 2009 as a place to publish MapleStory update content and date predictions. Since then, update predictions have taken a back seat as The msupdate Blog has transformed into the one-stop source for information on MapleStory, other Nexon games, Nexon as a company, the free-to-play game industry and gaming in general. Driven by a vast knowledge of all the topics covered on the blog and a passion to educate the public on these topics, The msupdate Blog continues to perform exceptionally well with rather consistent triple digit viewer growth when compared to the same month the year before, except the epically failed June 2011.

About Me

Well my name is Zach and I’ve been playing MapleStory actively since November 2005, and inactively since beta. My birthday is May 21, 1987 :). Yes, I’m old. I really, really love to draw. I’m qualified as a game artist and a software programmer and, hence, work as a game designer at a popular game developer. Hmm… I’ve lived in Los Angeles for the past 6 years but I was born and spent the first 18 years of my life in Jamaica. Yup, I’m black and play MS :). My girlfriend’s name is Sammi and we have a son named Brad who was born on January 8, 2011. Sammi’s birthday is May 6. She doesn’t like me giving out the year -F3- -whispers “1989”-. I expect our happy birthdays -F3 again-.

Yeah so things I like doing: drawing, gaming, drawing, playing basketball and soccer, drawing, going to the gym, drawing, blogging, drawing, swimming, drawing, eating, drawing, listening to music, drawing, paintball, drawing, airsoft, drawing, going to parties, drawing and most of all… DRAWING :).

PC Games I play actively right now (I play a lot more games but have decided not to play them for a little while): MapleStory, Combat Arms, Vindictus, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Cross Fire, Aion, CoD Black Ops, GTA 4, Sudden Attack (Korea), Dragon Nest (China), Kart Rider (China), Everplanet (Japan). That’s about it right now, You see I game in shifts. In the next six months you’ll probably see me playing a totally different set of games actively.

Year-over-year Viewer Change

August 2010: +162,400% over August 2009
September 2010: +82,562% over September 2009
October 2010: +49,429% over October 2009
November 2010: +9,079% over November 2009
December 2010: +6,025% over December 2009
January 2011: +3,737% over January 2010
February 2011: +1,211 over February 2010
March 2011: +564% over March 2010
April 2011: +316% over April 2010
May 2011: +213% over May 2010
June 2011: -3% over June 2010
July 2011: +37% over July 2010
August 2011: +125% over August 2010
September 2011: +154% over September 2010
October 2011: +25% over October 2010
November 2011: -11% over November 2010

  1. Awsome zach. I never knew you have a little boy. Congrats.
    So it’s Zach, Sammi and Brad. So you moved to LA when you were 18 years old. What made you decide to move to LA ?

  2. How are you playing Chinese Games? You need a Chinese Social Security Number

  3. By the time you’ll accept this, this statement will be valid: Happy Birthday Sammi!

  4. Happy (4 days late) Bithday!

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