Happy New Year

Happy 2015 one and all. I wish everyone all the best for 2015 and hope that the new year will be better than the last. For those of you who, like myself, feel that due to our own shortcomings 2014 did not end up being as great as it could have been, think of this as a chance to change your approach and attitude and make the most of 2015.

On a blogging note, it’s been over two months since my last post. Even before my last post I had hardly been putting anything out. This is really for two reasons: 1. If you look back through the years at my nearly 1,250 posts you’d notice that there really is hardly anything to blog about anymore in line with what I like to blog and what this blog was created for; 2. It’s been an “interesting” last six months so life really got me in a bit of a tailspin. How will things look in 2015? Hopefully better considering that there should be a bit of a pick up in topics which I am willing to blog about and my own life is getting back firmly on track.

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  1. Glad to hear that you are still here and I hope you will get your life back on track soon 🙂
    Happy new year everyone! 😀 I hope 2015 will bring you loads of great fortune and that you may stay healthy! 🙂

  2. More posts? Best christmas ever wow 10/10 would bang this blog

    but yeah happy new year to you both LOL

    • ^ wow i dont know how high i was when i wrote that.

      -smh at myself- happy new year to you and your families, hope to see a bright new future to this blog! Even if not i understand, life gets a little bit hectic sometimes. Best of luck to you both and to your families.

      Sidenote @Robbin: Im surprised at how often you check this blog. Do you check other blogs aand this one shows up in your feed or what? owo

  3. Why no new post yet, been over 3 weeks ;-; Atleast talk about Attack on Titan update Mr. MsUpdate sir 😦

    • he lied to us.

      “Being more active” ;-;

        • ^ and this is on the front page of your blog xD

          • But i never said I was going to be more active did I? 😉

            • Touché Robbin, touché. xD

              I actually have a blog idea owo. I dont know if I should put it into action though.

              There’s this mobile game and between levels it shows story segments. I heard that the story is good (for a phone game) but I’m not 100% sure because I’m only on sector (world?) 8/100. It might be fun to discuss the game and help each other exchange strategies to beat bosses and stuff, as well as enjoy the story that is being told to us.

              Dunno if you’d be interested though o-o its not a very popular game. Its from the shoot em up genre and the game is free but its not too pay-to-win as credits aren’t that hard to obtain.

              Lemme know c: Might be a fun little thing to play for the time being.

              • Oh sure think it wud be cool, What’s the game called?

                • It’s called Gemini Strike! ^^

                  I only have Sector 7 & 8’s story recorded so id need to play it on another device to get previous conversations, meaning that it will take me awhile to get the blog going (hard to start another file when you’re having so much fun on your main) but if you think its cool I might start it sometime this week

                  If you dont like the way the game is just let me know and ill demolish the idea and think up something else c:

                • Alright stopping today.

                  I have Sectors 1-3 done which should be enough to kickstart. I’ll just have to transfer them to my computer and I can get a move on. Would be nice to help the community of this game keep a log of the story.

                  Quick question, do you know of anything that i can use to keep my photos in.. say an album? Where you can like press the left/right keys to move to the next photo?

                  Honestly I dont know how I’m going to organize this xD Oops

                • Uh. If u mean a site where you can post your pictures, try Imgur. Or if u mean just how u can upload them on here on ur wordpress I think u gotta use “slideshow” idk it’s been some time since I did something with my blog :p

              • Hey doing ur wordpress thing or not? Whats your wordpress cuz I kinda forgot…

              • Joey, Zach, check out my portfolio and stuff cuz, why not. Just.. don’t comment lol.


  4. Yo Zach can u check ur email?

  5. Zacho maillllllll check ur maaaiilll

  6. You should make a post about how DFO launched today<3

    • oh wtf it did?! COOL. And what is ur blog site again u were rebooting it right?
      And nah, this is my proffesional portfolio, no random facts on here.

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