[DB] Extraction Is Once Again ‘Dirty Bomb’

Nexon America has reverted to the original name of the Splash Damage-developed first-person shooter, ‘Dirty Bomb’. The game had been renamed to ‘Extraction’ but has been changed back as Nexon says the original (current) name better fits the game’s “unique personality”. The new teaser site with a beta application process has been launched and can be accessed at http://dirtybomb.nexon.net/.

Nexon America and Splash Damage’s publishing partnership was announced in August 2013 ([NXNA] [EXTR] Nexon America To Publish ‘Extraction’ In North America, Europe and Oceania).

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  1. Dirty Bomb..horrible name. -.-

    In other news, MapleStory 2 gameplay! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LaEWnvzuEI#t=87

    Looks awesome :3. I pray to God that Nexon NA wont be the publisher T^T

    • We’re having a discussion about it in the 1.49 game update post.

    • PFff noob, me and Zach are already talking about it on the previous post…. and I even messaged you about the Maplestory 2 Gameplay 😉

        • @Robbin: i dont check my awesomedudeofc@gmail, i check the other one xD.

        • Sorry is not enough. Make a blogpost of atleast 2000 words in 3 different languages that explains how sorry you really feel! You hurt my feelins man 😦

          • I’m really sorry x 700.
            Mi dispiace davvero. x 700.
            Watashi wa hontōni mōshiwake arimasen. x 700.


            • Alright thank you, that makes me feel a little better 🙂

              • Ive been thinking about you, Robbin. I have really let you down, and.. and I didnt think that I have made you feel better. I know your masking it, and i just wanted to give you a sincere apology from the bottom of my heart about May 23rd when I did that heartless thing.

                I didnt know how to repay you..but i remembered that you always wanted to play dungeon fighter online.. just once. You wanted to see what it was like to play. And i was truly sorry that i could never fulfill that wish…




                Also, note how it says “global”? 😉

                I would wait for the beta test though. Alpha’s a bit early o:

              • You knew about this and neva told me? ; ;

                I just found out q-q

                • It’s been big news for months. Literally.

                • Wait who is bringing it back and why o.O Thought it failed

                • It did fail and it’s going to fail again.

                • Zach: Ah well, im still glad its coming back. Better late than never xD
                  (Shoulda made a post about it since its big news u lazy boi)

                  Robbin: Didnt you check the website? Neople Korea is going to be self-publishing the game in NA. Hopefully this means we can get some special treatment c:

                  As for why… maybe Neople didn’t feel Nexon NA was doing a good job, or Nexon NA wanted to plug it but Neople had hope in NA, or they just wanted to bring it back because #yolo. Really, nobody knows, but no one cares cos its coming back and why question it? ^^;

                • oh ok, good, I’m happy for you and now I can hopefully finaly play it too xD
                  Also Zach, Y Sammi make no more blogs 😦 I Still wanna know the other secrets…

                • I’d answer that question but it’d risk our relationship.

                • lol is it that bad?xD

                • LOL no it isn’t. New post coming up… soon (I hope).

                • finaly, please tell me ur secrets 😥

                • Update: Nexon Korea is supposedly hosting the servers…

                  …goes to show how much faith they have in Nexon NA.

                  I’m guessing Neople is doing everything else?

                • Neople is pretty much synonymous with Nexon Korea, in a sorta kinda one-handed way.

                • Zach: “It did fail and it’s going to fail again.”

                  lol bs. Ready to counter your reasons.

                • 2014 isn’t the year to be releasing DFO in any market. Neither is it any year to be releasing MapleStory into any market (IMS). The game has become archaic. This doesn’t mean it isn’t a good game, it just means it’s unlikely to find success. Especially since Neople seems to be depending solely on word of mouth for promotion of the game. News has and will continue to spread rapidly among the fans of the game and their direct contacts but widespread reach is unlikely.

                  It’s possible that the game does well enough to sustain itself but I doubt it’ll be anymore successful than it was from 2010 to 2014.

                • -Marketing: Many people are stressing to Neople about advertising in North America. If they decide to do this (which would be surprising if they wont because they are already pumping tons of money into global release) then the people will come. They also will figure out what to do with the cash shop since nexon was so bad, if neople configures the prices in a smart way then people will buy more.

                  -Gameplay: Maple is a very simplistic game, it really does not take that much skill and has useless quests which account for no replay value. Maple has survived throughout the years because it was released early.

                  I truly think DFO will be alot more successful because there is so much to do in the game, even after you reach cap.

                  Tower of despair is at least 100 days where the player will have something to do, feat quests are really fun and rewarding, dont even get me started on PvP. etc etc. theres so much more to do, which will keep players hooked. This is also for ONE CHAR. If they make more then they have tons to do on there also.

                  -Graphics: ..sure its not Titanfall but look at some gameplay of second awakenings, heck even the game in general once you’re like lvl 70. Theres so much action happening and its so satisfying to pull off an amazing combo. Its enough to get people hooked and if someone only cares about graphics, its probably some 10 yr old rich snobby kid.

                  This game has the potential for huge success.. you think Neople is stupid? Theyre probably gonna get the whole new Arad and translate it for global release. If you dont know what that is.. they are completely remaking levels 10 – 60. (At least thats my hypothesis.. they have no other reason to take so long for beta considering DFO is already a stable game). Neople has something in mind… lets just see what happens.

                • Editing previous post:

                  -I meant to say.. look how the game looks once your like lvl 40-50. Thats when you have a wide variety of skills and you can do so much with them which means tons of action and amazing visuals. The game is fun early on too of course, but I was just merely stating the graphics.

                  -DnF revamped Arad completely in one of their patches. Thats what i mean by saying lvls 1 – 55 will be remade. I was stating that I figure the Beta/release will come with that.

                • I’m not going to argue. The game’s being released soon enough and we’ll see for sure how everything goes. I see no way that DFO can become more than a just self-sustaining game at this point. Only in your dreams Joey can it become the huge hit you seem to be expecting.

                • Awhs~ I remember when we used to have fun debates xD

                  ah well, Im praying for a summer release but… http://puu.sh/9sxir/622afa7013.png

                  Your right, though. We’ll just have to see what happens ^^

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