[NX] [HE] Nexon to Publish Human Element Globally

Nexon has acquired the global publishing right to first-person shooter Human Element. It is developed by Los Angeles-based development studio Robotoki, into which Nexon invested in February 2013. Human Element is due to be begin release in the fourth quarter of 2015, eventually landing on next-generation consoles, PC and mobile, including iOS and Android.

Robotoki was founded in April 2012 by president and former Creative Strategist of the Call of Duty franchise Robert Bowling.

“We are excited to work with Robotoki to bring this exciting game to consumers in North America and around the world,” Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney stated in a press released announcing the deal.

“This announcement marks an important milestone in the strategic partnership we formed with Robotok in February 2013 and furthers out goal of developing groundbreaking, AAA quality free-to-play games.”


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  1. I am so excited for Human Element.. I think… can’t really remember much from it but I remember being rather excited or it.

  2. I feel that Nexon and Splash Damage will do a reverse decision (or they are at least planning to do one) on the name change from Dirty Bomb to Extraction.
    I’ve noticed that on Splash Damage’s website, the ‘Games’ dropdown now says Dirty Bomb instead of Extraction like it did before and the forums now says ‘Dirty Bomb / Extraction’. Not to mention that Nexon added http://nxcache.nexon.net/nxl/games/img/boxart/boxart_detail_db.jpg

    those images, and I have not seen it before. (I know this because I constantly check this so I know what’s coming).
    I can also forsee French, Italian and Dutch language support when looking at the Nexon Launcher .

    So far the games that should be coming to Nexon America are, Deth Bath/Bubble Fighter, Peria Chronicles, Human Element, a title from SecretNewCo, a title from Rumble Entertainment, a title from Shiver Entertainment. The only game that can be considered close to release would be Deth Bath but the website is down and no word from Nexon has been heard for so long that I can safely assume that it has been scrapped. The game is casual enough and simple enough that it shouldn’t take so long to be released (maybe it could be a mobile game, they seem to have gone away from web games).
    Peria Chronicles hasn’t been released in Korea yet so it’ll be a while before it comes and the other three mysterious titles should come the second half of this year according to the IR report. I can’t remember any other games that is coming off the top of my head.

    • Wb Msupdate’s girlfriend 😉

    • I’d noticed the change on the site/forum as well, but those pics seem like pretty conclusive evidence. I liked the original name better anyway :).
      Nexon America’s pipeline is a big ball of confusion with an aura of secrecy right now and it doesn’t help that I’m not keeping on top of things at all.

  3. Neople will be self-publishing DFO globally (probably similar to GMS where it’ll only work in countries where there is not already a localized version).
    https://www.facebook.com/dfoglobal (Alpha test starts May 15th)

    GameHi (NEXON GT) seems to be self-publishing Dark Blood soon in NA, EU and JP. http://www.nexon-gt.com/en-US/#sub19

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