[AO] Nexon Europe To Launch English Client for Atlantica Europe

After years of the successful service of Atlantica Online in the European market in the languages of French and German, Nexon Europe will launch an English client for the game. The new client will be launched alongside the upcoming Empires of Gold game update.

“The German – and French-based servers have seen enormous success and we look forward to echoing that throughout the rest of Europe”, says Marc Mehlitz, Product Manager, Nexon Europe. “Part of the joy of making games like Atlantica is bringing so many enthusiastic gamers together into one imaginative space. We’re thrilled that we can do that across Europe with the launch of the English service, while also providing a massive content update that will benefit existing players as well as new ones.”

I had for long been wondering why the English service of the game published by Nexon America was not more integrated into the European market since no IP block has ever been in effect for either of Nexon America or Nexon Europe’s services. This would mirror the setup which existed when Atlantica was still published by Ndoors Games and would have long allowed Europeans to play the game in English and would also give Americans easier access to the German and French clients.



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  1. Wow what is this, two posts from the Zach house in one day, wtf!!?

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