[EX] [BAL] FPS ‘Extraction’ To Hit America Later This Year, FPS ‘Ballistic’ Also Coming?

Nexon America CEO Min Kim has revealed to Polygon that Splash Damage’s first-person shooter Extraction will arrive later this year. Extraction is an announced first-person shooter from Splash Damage, the developer of Doom 3, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars among other games. It is advertised as being different from the generic FPS and it set in London after a mysterious radiological attack. The game’s closed beta began, after a delay, on October 15, 2013. The closed beta has thus far been extremely quiet but this latest bit of news is a load off the backs of those patiently awaiting the game.

It looks though that Extraction won’t be the only new title joining Nexon America’s lineup of first-person shooters (FPS) (which currently consists of only Combat Arms after Sudden Attack bit the dust at the end of January). Promising browser-based FPS Ballistic from Rumble Entertainment seems to be looking to join the fold. Marketed on its high quality, high accessibility and AAA graphics in your browser, Ballistic’s teaser website can be viewed at https://www.rumblegames.com/ballistic. Another Rumble developed title, KingsRoad, is also looking likely for publishing by Nexon in North America.

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  1. Ballistic looks extremely fun. too lazy to d/l FPSes (still procrastinating on TF2) c:

      • Lol told u that Extractoin was still comming even tho u said therre as a chance of it not comming 😉

        • “My take on it is to be optimistic. I see nothing which would truly indicate any change of plans in the service of Extraction. Of course this could just be me taking a lack of bad news (or any news) to be good news, considering there has been no true indication of ANYTHING when it comes to Extraction in recent times. I’d say a reason for this situation could be that the Extraction team is still trying to integrate itself within Nexon America as it seems the partnership was rather hastily organized after previous publishing plans (when the game was still called Dirty Bomb) seem to have fallen through. But really I’d give it until the end of January. If at that point we still haven’t heard anything then I’d say we can begin the process of panicking.”

          That was my stance on the possibility of the release of Extraction as publishing last month. I never said Extraction wouldn’t be coming. There are also still a chance it won’t be coming.

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