[GMS 1.46] Return to Masteria Highlights

1.46 Return to Masteria highlights full


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  1. FINALY, I love how recently Nexon has been listening more, since Unlimited (lol they have to, but it’s good for a company that was stuck in the 2000 mindset to finaly move on).

    I hate the new NLC. It was fun for like a week, but after that it got ugly and annoying. Cutscenes are terrible and it is basicly not worth it. I do still hope for a visual upgrade like Henesys had, because even the old NLC look SOOOO terrible. Colors are so bad (bright yellow and stuff), and it looks so poorly made, looks the most 2D with most random platforms and textures than the rest of Maplestory. It looks like a EMS Exclusive map.

    I don’t know if it is true but I really feel like the updated NLC was made by interns/college grads, because it was coded so poorly and really imballanced.

    • I reserve judgement on this. If Nexon has returned Masteria to its exact original without any adjustments whatsoever then that’s a total failure. It would be nearly completely irrelevant to today’s MapleStory and people would journey there for reasons of nostalgia once, maybe twice, and rarely step foot there again.

      I think the concept of the return of the original Masteria is very good. Depending on the state that it’s in, which I probably won’t be able to fully tell until after the update, I’ll post on what I think really needs to be done to the area in terms of the current content and future expansions.

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