[NXEU] Nexon Europe To Publish Lost Saga

Lost Saga was previously published in North America and Europe by OGPlanet but service termination was unexpectedly announced for December 8, 2013. Z8Games, the publisher of the popular CrossFire, will take over North American service on December 18, 2013.

Nexon Europe will be taking Lost Saga back into the European market in 2014. The game will be serviced in English, German, French, Italian, Polish and Turkish with closed beta beginning in the first half  of 2014.

Lost Saga is an online multiplayer brawler game developed by I.O. Entertainment and licensed by WeMade Entertainment. The enormous cast of characters comprises of the most famous figures from across the ages, from Robin Hood to modern day ninja warriors, meshing together fantasy, sci-fi, and popular culture in a glorious party title for up to 16 players to simultaneously battle it out online.

Lost Saga’s heroes are all customisable, allowing players to personalise their experience at a new level as they battle with friends over an assortment of urban, natural, and mystical environments – which can all be experienced without spending any extra money.

“We’re incredibly pleased to have this prestigious title added to our already large and varied collection,” said Kenny Chang, Managing Director at NEXON Europe. “Lost Saga is an easy to learn, difficult to master game. Fast-paced, high action, and fun-packed gameplay with 100 different well-balanced offensive and defensive characters will provide unique experiences in every single play. I believe our players will relish in this great addition to the NEXON Europe family.”

Battles in Lost Saga come in all sizes and types. In Crown Control mode, heroes must defend their team’s crown from their enemies, while in Prisoner mode, players can capture their opponents on the field of battle. Power Stone mode challenges players to protect their skills by keeping their Power Stone safe, and Boss Raid mode gives one hero the ultimate advantage as he becomes the boss that his opponents must destroy.

The armor and weapons in Lost Saga are each associated with specific skills, and players who are prevailing in battle can claim their opponents’ armor and weapons, along with the accompanying skills, as their own. An innovative character-swap system lets players switch out characters from their full arsenal of heroes in the middle of battle to change tactics and bash out massive combos. Thousands of skill combinations and variations make Lost Saga an ever-changing battle that keeps players on their toes, while an engaging art style and intuitive controls keep the game accessible and fun.


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  1. Oh this is intertesting.

    Lost Saga has had some really crappy publishers for awhile now so hopefully Nexon Europe can take care of that.. Hm. I might be making a NXEU account.

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