[GMS 1.43] Game Update; Commerci Content Delayed

MapleStory will be going through a content update starting on Tuesday, December 3, 2013. This update will last for approximately 7 hours during which time the game will be unavailable for play.

Pacific: December 3 @ 11pm to December 4 @ 6am
Eastern: December 4 @ 2am to 9am

  • MapleStory will be updated to ver. 1.43. Check back for update notes.
  • Note: Commerci content has been delayed, as explained below:

As part of our commitment to making a Better Maple, the announced Commerci content that was scheduled for release in the RED: First Impact update has been delayed to give us an opportunity to fix bugs and improve the content. It will be included in a later update as soon as it’s ready. In the meantime, RED: First Impact will release tomorrow with lots of other great content, including revamps to the Explorer jobs, profession system updates, and tons of events!

Thanks for helping us make MapleStory better and we’ll see you in Commerci soon.


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  1. You know what I think of Nexon, I like them and stuff but I really really really think I have better programmers at my school than work over there… I would roughly estimate 90% of their patches are delayed (Red: First Impact is delayed by atleast 7 hours now, which is double the downtime that was said it would take to finish)… It is obvious why. Nexon patches over night… when most people are out of the office. Engineers go home, and Nexon not being the company they should be does not learn from their past and does not think it is a smart idea to leave their engineers on a night shift when they patch…. Engineers arrive at 9:30AM at work after some ppl that got there early realised “hey, the patcher froze half way”…. and they need to fix it…
    Now I do not understand what patching really means… Sure I understand that you add/overwrite previous data, but why must it almost ALWAYS go wrong. I have no seen a single company, ever, in my life that is so bad in both customer service, customer statisfaction being proffesional…

    Sure Nexon thinks they are proffesional by never talking on their forums and not showing their face anywhere really, and only post on FB and Twitter when there is something to promote… but they really are not. You don’t show you are proffesional by not talking to your audience. You are not proffesional by making things you get to copy+paste from other people fail, don’t mention it to your audience for a few hours and then make the downtime atleast double what it should have been….

    It really pisses me off that such a company is lacking in so many departments. Really…. They have the budget to get more customer service people, but they don’t want to spend it even thuogh they have been getting tickets like crazy and have known this is an issue for the past 8 years. Just recently they started “boosting” it.

    Their attitude is from the early 2000. They do not know how to adapt other than making new chairs from memes. They need to know now especially with Social Media people are desperatly needing digital communication. It doesn’t matter if that is through Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, a fan site or their own site… Their audience wants to chat, not just get commercials.

    • Nobody likes you.

      In other news: If an update is to go live I assure you that all the relevant staff would be at work. This industry is one of overtime, especially when it comes to the servicing of live games. A lot of the work done in these updates is done from Korea anyway, so it isn’t night over there.

      The thing about unexpected bugs during updates is that if the bug didn’t appear during the alpha testing phase and it suddenly appears during implementation of the update and especially in a game as poorly built from the get go as MapleStory, it can be very difficult to find the real issue, apply a fix and do all this without negatively affecting other aspects of the game and possibly creating other issues elsewhere. I’ve never explored the code of MapleStory structurally but from what I can gather it isn’t pretty. And I know what it’s like applying big updates in that situation.

      • ooh, so Nexon America does not do the patching bug fixing stuff that is going on now? So right now people in korea are working on the GMS code o.O I did not expect that… I thought Nexon America had their own batch of engineers working right now. I know this is a industry of overtime, which is why I suggested they put those engineer on patch watch for the night.

  2. Zero tomorrow, baby! 😀

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