[GMS] Micro Site Launched For Upcoming RED Update

The teaser site for the upcoming RED update has been launched. Check it out.



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  1. It’s so hard to listen to the song. I get that they wanted to have it have an anime-ish feeling where you hear japanese ppl say some english words… But this doesn’t really work in this situation since:
    1. She is singing COMPLETLY in english.
    2. She is kinda unhearable at some moment…
    3. blah blah, must be more reasons but tired.

    • Lol the video was a bust ik. BUT at least they tried to make it english, right? šŸ™‚

      RED is looking rly promising. Dawnveil just keeps getting better and better and I hope the emp/RA -> 160 gear doesnt cost a cent rl. Id be fine with mesos tho lol.

      Im getting a tad bored of my Xenon so Zero is going to be amazing. I plan to get it to AT LEAST 180 to see the story. Whether I continue it is going to be a tough choice o-o

      Only one gripe with the website though,






      • Can either you or Zach comment about this… Is Dawnveil GMS exclusive? If it is then props to those guys in Korea creating this for us… It’s amazing. Okay, going to be honest haven’t done anything with it, haven’t played a lot of Maple recently and don’t have high enough chars I think to go there, but the fact that we get a RED Collusus Boss that takes 100 players to fight….. BEFORE Red as a nice little treat in a minor patch AND a day and night cicle town added is AMAZING. Much innovation very amazing so Nexon.

        • Dawnveil nor Commerci is GMS exclusive. They both came to CMS and GMS simultaneously.

          But I love the Gollux place, and Commerci seems extremely fun.

          Ive been playing quite a bit of MS recently, and even though I’m taking a small break in prep for Zero, I’m quite happy with the game atm. ^^

          • Doesn’t mean they aren’t GMS exclusive. *Insert name of awesome alien content from a couple years ago here* was “GMS exclusive” and was added to ThaiMS first.

            To answer Robbin’s question, I have no idea.

            • Uhm.

              If it was added to ThaiMS then its not GMS exclusive.


              Which means Tynerum & Commerci are not GMS exclusive. c:

              Also: Commerci.etcetc is in CMS test servers if i recall. Which means they’re getting it too. 100%.

              But the looks of it, everything in Dawnveil is going to be GMS & CMS.

              • Are you serious? Are you really serious? This is November 2013 and I’m still hearing this from people? I’m quite sure we’ve been through this already. Several times. “Exclusive” as it relates to MapleStory content simply means that content seemed to have been developed to target a specific region of service and usually with relatively high levels of input from the local publisher/localized development team. Exclusiveness doesn’t depend on only one service having content nor does it necessarily depend on a single service getting the content first.

                The alien content I was talking about before was the Visitor event which based on the content itself and the previews and dev. blogs prior to its release was obviously “GMS exclusive” although it went to ThaiMS about a week before it came over here because of how game updates were scheduled for that month.

                • So you call it “exclusive” because you want to, but the rest of the worlds disagrees with you.
                  If you keep this up you can get into some real trouble in life…
                  Example: You calling a car a dollar.
                  *kid crosses the road*
                  Zach: “OMG KID LOOK OUT THERE IS A DOLLAR ON YOUR RIGHT!!!!!!”
                  Kid: “Omg where I am going to be rich!”
                  *boom* kid gets run over by a car because you didn’t call it what it was.

                • I’m not calling it “exclusive” “because I want to” and the rest of the world doesn’t disagree with me. As a matter of fact I had originally not called content that originated in one service but was then ported to another as “exclusive” because by English definition “exclusive” would really mean only appearing in a single service. I called this type of content “original”. But that’s not how the game’s developers, publishers and players define it.

                  The Visitors event was confirmed to have been developed specifically to suit GlobalMS with big designing input from the GMS team. The hype was plenty and so were the previews. It went through GMST. When questions were asked why ThaiMS was getting it first those questions were answered with it being said that GMS and ThaiMS both scheduled to get it in the same month but that ThaiMS’s game update for that month was scheduled ahead of GMS’s, thereby allowing them to get it first. The Visitors event is and has always been WIDELY (not just me) considered to the exclusive to GMS.

                • It’s that you call it exclusive when that definition (the real life definition of it) doesn’t make much sense since it is not real-life-word-exclusive. I mean, you could call it “original content”, “Origin” or “designed for” content. You could call Visitors a GMS Origin content cuz it originated and was designed for and by the Maplestory Global theme….
                  Brb getting some chinese food. I hope that when I say I want some potato’s they know I want Beef Shanghai šŸ˜‰

                • I’m not sure why this issue is coming up because I’m certain both you and Joey have had conversations with me when we’ve referred to content as “exclusive” by my (MapleStory’s) definition.

                  By the definition of exclusive content that you guys want to follow very, very few pieces of content are exclusive to any single service of the game. Only Jett and the Know How quests are permanent GMS exclusive content. The only other exclusive (by your definition) major permanent content which exists in any service of the game are the original Silent Crusade (JMS), the oriential wedding village (CMS) and maybe one or two other pieces of content.

                  The accepted definition of exclusive content in MapleStory differs from (but is derived from) the English language definition. That’s fact. Accept it.

                • Some other GMS exclusives:
                  Cake vs Pie
                  Fucked up NLC (?)
                  Crimson Wood place with the totem and stuff (?)
                  Amoria (?)
                  Some other stuff I can’t think of right now cuz I’m tired :p

                  But lol man I am just messing with you. I knew from the start what you meant and kinda agree with you… kinda.

                  I just wanted to troll you a little bit and continue the conversation. Though you gotta love my analogies.

                • I did specify that I was only talking about major and permanently content. Small content and events don’t count. Destroyed NLC is also in CMS although they also have the original version. I’m not aware of any part of Crimsonwood Keep which is currently only in GMS. Amoria is in almost every service of the game except for CMS and TwMS which have the oriental wedding village.

                • k, but ya did read that I was just fooling around with you about the “exclusive” part right? :p


                But ya Zach I’m siding with Robbin today. -High Fives-

                Zach: “This is November 2013 and Iā€™m still hearing this from people?”

                Yeah because my definition is right o:

                • See my response to Robbin. Also, what is it exactly about my CORRECT definition of exclusive content which puzzles you guys? Is it:

                  1. that I still count content as exclusive even if it’s ported to other services? Eg. I consider Singapore MSEA exclusive even though it also appears in GMS, EMS, CMS and TwMS.

                  2. that I still consider content exclusive even if in very rare cases this content doesn’t originate in the service that it seems to be specifically developed towards? Eg. The Visitors event which went to ThMS before coming to GMS due to update scheduling.

                  3. Both of the above?


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