[GMS] A Better Maple

It’s time for you to speak up! That’s right, we want YOUR vote on MapleStory’s big questions!

Here’s how you do your part: Head to the “A Better Maple” microsite and read the different questions about MapleStory. Rate each one based on how important it is to YOU.

So what are you waiting for? Every vote matters, so get on over to the microsite and start rating!


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  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, they notice the game is dieing so they FINALY make something like this…. only it’s like 2 years too late…..

  2. Btw the website is so poorly designed… Heck even the Cygnus thing to bring you to the top has a blue line above the image… dafuq

  3. Well at least theyre trying though.

    I wish they sorta did this for the other games they shut down too….goes to show how much Nexon NA relies so much on MS. xD

    • There’s a difference. MapleStory is a super successful billion dollar unlikely success story which is declining greatly only after 6 to 8 years of service. Nexon is obviously not happy with how the game is performing right now and wants to know what the game’s community thinks should be fixed/answered ASAP in an attempt to reduce the rate of decline.

      Now let’s discuss DFO (since I know that’s what you were mainly talking about). DFO was a failure. It was given multiple chances and was invested into. It disappointed almost from day one. Nothing could have saved it, it just didn’t work. End of story.

      • “which is declining greatly”…
        Hmmm, I remember a time (a few months ago) when Joey said the game was declining, and you said “NOOO OMG WTF HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT FNEISBDSOHDUVIDBSLVNK IT IS JUST THAT NEXON ADDED A LOT OF SERVERS THAT THE SERVERS SEEM EMPTY”

        I just lol’ed thinking of you defending it and now admitting it xD

        Also…. I am SUPER sad that Aurtax is gone… He wasn’t there for a long time. You know how I have a love/hate relationship with Nexon (America)…. Now I am leaning towards hating them, because they KEEP FIRING people we are trying to bound with. First it’s Hime, then Girasol and now Aurtox… I felt Girasol got it the worst if we should believe the rumors…

        • But I’ve never said that. I have never denied that the game is declining. As a matter of fact I predicted this decline over two to three years ago. It was inevitable. MapleStory has run its course. What I am denying and continue to deny is “OMGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ GAME ISH DYINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP MS” and other doomsday pronouncements of the game coming to an imminent closure.

          Don’t listen to rumours. Don’t assume they were fired.

          • 1. You predicted this decline 2-3 years ago? I thought unlimited killed it off. Who knows what would be happening if that patch wasnt introduced.

            2. I think they left imo, they werent fired. Even Aurtax, He was fired up!, but near the end his posts had been just a tad on the decline. Maybe he was fed up of how ignorant Nexon NA is.

            3. B-b-b-b-but http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyzjh5pCe2M SO. FREAKING. EPIC. ‘~’

            4. Yeah you did deny that the game was declining xD. It was like 4 days after the unleashed update.

            5. Nice to haave you back, Zach~ Missed ya man. T^T

            • 1. As I said before MapleStory has run its course. You do realize that Unlimited was just the other day, right? Just three and a half months ago. That’s not when things took a downturn.

              2. There are many factors and possibilities which could have led to their departures.

              3. K.

              4. I didn’t. I never had. I said the game was declining from long before Unleashed.

          • Alright, so let’s talk hypotheticly here so you can say what you want without breaking any NDA or other stuff…

            So hypotheticly speaking, Hime Girasol AND Aurtax all just left, like that… Girasol was the main community person for what, a month? Same for Aurtax. What could have made them possible quit their job? Could it be that Nexon demanded rediculous things from them? Or didn;t pay them enough?

            • I didn’t say I knew anything LOL. I just don’t think it’s right to assume that they were fired if you have no idea.

              • Well, the abrupt dissapearance of multiple ppl that are actually doing things for the community rather than the company (Girasol with the GIGANTIC Marvel Machine sale.. and Aurtax talking about 3rd party games/companies and being way to transparant compared to what Nexon has been doing in the past) leads me to believe that they didn’t like the way things went and what the community got to know of the company and let them go. I think Hime realised that she was going nowhere with this position (being a community spokes person of a game company that almost completly at that point ignored and almost frowned upon any real interaction besides promotions with their community).

              • So you think that Nexon won’t be around for 2 more years?

              • WTF so you think that Nexon won’t be around in the next 2 years.. WHY!?!?!?

          • I am asking this btw, cuz I am interested as to what is going on inside a big company like that.. .AND if it is possible to be prepared for my internship there in 2 years.

  4. To prevent confusion on what you said when I’ll ask it here again…

    “That Nexon won’t be around for two years.”

    Why do you think that?

    • Joey said that Nexon wouldn’t be around for two years.

      I said I’m AGAINST this.

      You asked what.

      I said “That Nexon won’t be around for two years.” meaning I’d bet AGAINST Nexon not being around for two more years.

      • Yeah I got confused…. I was like why would you think Nexon won’t be around for 2 years….
        Personally I think that Nexon will be around for I think 10-12 years. Technology will be really advanced and I think (looking at how slow Nexon is with everything), they don’t adapt fast enough and alll their games will be dead (just like how Maplestory died in a few years cuz there were better games out there.. and Nexon didn’t start listening till a few months ago).


          Oh btw ye ik. Bubble fighter is gonna save Neoxn *-*

          Nah, RED will. I mean if Neoxn listens to the results from “A Better Maple”, everything will be aright.

          • K, Let’s boycot… Sorry I forgot all about it.. From now on I will not make a single comment on either this blog or Sammi’s blog till there is a post on Sammi’s blog about Ryan.

        • Your logic and understanding is skewed. Nexon has always been a leading innovator when it comes to gaming technology, methods and models. That is fact. Nexon does adjust their business strategy with recent and upcoming changes and trends very well.

          I don’t think people quite get the fact that MapleStory, a game which was in my opinion a surprise success especially in the West, is ten years old. TEN YEARS OLD. What kind of adaption do you expect? I actually think the modernization of MS into a less social and more core game is part of what has destroyed it as the game it was several years ago.

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