[NX] Nexon Taking Project NT, Dota 2, Legion of Heroes to G-Star 2013; Mabinogi 2 and MapleStory 2 Missing

Nexon G Star 2013 poster

Nexon will be once again making a huge appearance at G-Star, Korea’s largest video game show. This year the leading game company will be showcasing Valve-developed multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) Dota, the innovative and highly anticipated globally Project NT as well as action 3D mobile game Legion of Heroes. Both Mabinogi 2: Arena (which was uneveiled at the expo in 2011) and MapleStory 2 (which has previously been confirmed to be in development) will apparently not be making appearances.

[NX] [NT] [TS] Nexon To Publish ProjectNT in North America, Europe, South Korea and Japan

[NT] Some Features Of ProjectNT

[NT] Project NT Debut Trailer

[NXKR] [DT2] Nexon Taking Dota 2 To Korea, Invests 1.8 Million USD

Legion of Heroes poster

Project NT poster


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  1. In the second banner, the girl on the left with the blue headband looks SOOOO much like a Final Fantasy character…. and the only Final Fantasy game I played was 10 for a bit.

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