Nexon America’s Q3 2013 Approval Rating

With 713 responses, Nexon America’s Q3 2013 approval rating was found to be 39.97%. This is down from 46.63% in Q2. More details on the responses will be updated on this post hopefully by this Friday.

Nexon America’s Q3 2012 Approval Rating: 39.97%

Total number of responses: 713
Approve: 39.97% (-6.66%)
Disapprove: 38.85% (+7.93%)
Undecided/No Opinion: 21.18% (-1.27%)

Three most common reasons for disapproval:

  • Poor customer service
  • Game content updates are lacking in quality
  • Unacceptable numbers of bugs and glitches in games

Three most common seasons for approval:

  • Games are fun and of generally good quality
  • Nexon tries
  • High quality of game content updates

94% of respondents have been playing Nexon America games since  2012 or before, 85% in 2011 or before and 74% in 2010 or earlier. Nearly all takers have been playing these games for long enough to form a credible opinion.

80% of the respondents were from the United States or Canada, 12% from Europe, 5% from Australia or New Zealand and >1% from Mexico. The most popular ‘Other’ responses were Peru, Singapore and Brazil.

Respondents by age group:

Under 13: 2%
13-16: 30%
17-20: 41%
21-24: 20%
Above 24: 7%

86% of respondents play MapleStory while 30% play Vindictus. Other games range from 28% who play Combat Arms to 5% who play Nexon’s Facebook games.

72% actively play games from publishers other than Nexon America.

Winners of the NX giveaway will be contacted by email by October 21.


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