[GMS] Rankings Return

Official rankings for Global MapleStory have finally returned after the recent Unlimited update which increased the game’s level cap to 250 from 200. Unfortunately Korea MapleStory remains the only service of the game to have the pre-Unlimited rankings saved and available on the official website. The pre-Unlimited top 10:




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  1. New #1 is surrently a lumi. How surprising. xD

    Xenon ftw though still. hehe

      • Got bored of lumi. After spamming light reflect all the time. And his slowness.

        My fav class was thieves so i gave him a shot! Boy do i not regret <33

        Though Lumi will still hold the place as 2nd best class ever. :3

        • Kk. So Lumi is the best class ever.

          • *cough*Demon Avenger*cough*


              DA is a terrible class. Not sure why some people find it funner than DS ;P

              (No offense… ^^;)

              • Why do you ppl not like DS… It is funny, I always tend to like the underdog class. Hated Canoneer before it’s release and LOVED DS… made both (mercedes too but work with me here)…. in the end my DS is lv 121 and my canoneer is lv 150….. yeah, weird..
                Was hyped for Xenon, didn’t care that much for DA. Saw my lil bro play him in EMS and got a bit more excited…. My Xenon is level 12x and my DA is now 146.
                He is so much fun because I can littlerly go somewhat AFK in evo world and level up every 10 minutes on 4x exp. Just use that green 4th job skill that does not cost a lot of HP. I get back more HP than I use so I can never die… .add the perma stance and no need for a secundary source (like DS with Demon Fury or any class with mana or another secundary source)… So I can spam my skills without any negative thing to my char like losing HP or mana.

                Today I decided to wake up at 8 AM and go into evo world a total of 8 times (3 times of previous day, since 8 am = 11 PM @NexonHQ). Opened internet put game in windowed mode while keeping SPACE pressed and occasionally putting my glass on it while taking a piss or getting a drink. Watched 4 hours of FairyTale =D

            • -Picks up Robbin-

              -Throws Robbin to Mars-

              • Hehe, it seems like I always like the underdog jobs… I hear all these people hate on the Voice Over of Demon Avenger… but I love his voice over… seems cool, like someone suffering.
                Idk lol that sounded weird.

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