[GMS 1.39] Demon Avenger Highlights

GMS 1.39 Demon Avenger highlights


Posted on July 17, 2013, in Global MapleStory, Update. Bookmark the permalink. 13 Comments.

  1. Might give this class a go, get it 70 and quit MapleStory forever, or at least until Nexon can make a restoration. O.O

    Dont worry, ill still be here commenting. ^^;

    • Why what’s wrong?
      I wish I could play it but I will be leaving for Rome tomorrow… I’ll be back on the 29th 😥

      • Well, maplestory is a spectacular game. To me, it has 2 halves.

        1. The fun gameplay it brings. Bossing, training, PVP.etc

        2. Guilds, friends, making friends, basically the sociality.

        Thing is, everyone is rapidly leaving. No one from my BL has been on in so long, since none of them are really funded and with unleashed in-funded ppl get cut off.

        So simply, with that half gone, maple is hard to enjoy. I have everyone on Skype anyway, not like I’m gonna lose em O.O

        • How did unleashed cut off all the unfunded people… All they did was get rid of the godly training spots where all that mattered was in how many mili seconds you could kill the monsters, i.e. do the most DMG, i.e. are the most funded…

  2. LMAO, lol idk now in my room… bad internet and stuff -,-

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