[GMS 1.38] Game Update – Xenon

MapleStory will be going through a game update starting on Tuesday, July 2, 2013. This update will last for approximately 5 hours during which time the game will be unavailable for play.

Pacific: July 2 @ 11pm to July 3 @ 4am
Eastern: July 3 @ 2am to July 3 @ 7am


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  1. Got to level 88 in about 12 hours. I suggest that once you guys hit lv 50 you go to Roids in Magatia. You can use your beginner skill to teleport to your base in Aqua and then you can get out in any town you want, much like Phanteon. Just use your 2nd job rush skill and keep riding over those Roids. You will level every minute =D

    • I do this on all my characters. Roids are my friends. Especially for classes with good mobbing and/or rushing skills at those levels.

      • I quested to lvl 50. Be amazed.

        • I also do that on some of my characters. It’s an experience.

          • I HAD to quest and it was annoying. I normaly do mushking from 30-40, then 40+ jesters. Now I had to waste a lot of time roaming aroun the maple world finding places. Kering Square is uber bad now, bad CS spawn and quest line is BAAAAD, picking up 300 items wtf. Went to golden beach and I REALLY liked it, love the theme and quests are nice (kill… kill … KILL)… then went to Roids =D

      • LOL… I read “Roids are my friends” in that they are litterly your little friends, that you hand out with them and stuff…. idk why I did that but it made me laugh.

          • Hey I heard a lot of talk that Girasol left… I know you can’t talk about this, but I wanna talk about something related to that.

            Alot of people say she created some good things, like the Marel Machine Revamp, and the 2x Marvel stuff.. and a 90% discount.
            I have a few questions that I would like you to explain to me.

            What is this revamp ppl are talking about and when was there a 2x and a 90% discount, have I msised something while training my Xenon?

            Also…. Why do people say it was Girasol that made this happen, maybe someone else did this.. Maybe Orange came up with this idea. Why is she getting all the credit?

  2. Does Xenon get beter at 3rd/4th job? Already getting bored…

    • I don’t like Xenon straight through.

    • I don’t like Xenon either, just the same as with Luminous. I was really hyped for it before it’s release when I saw it in KMS. Then when it came to GMS they lacked a lot in marketing (no special events before it’s release, only a announcement). Then when it got released I was excited… and then it stopped quickly because the grinding….. was just a grind… boring and stuff -,-

      I remember in the past they would have these events leading up to the release, like with Aran and Cygnus…

      • You don’t like Luminous? Die in a hole.

        • I don’t… I don’t like any of the recent jobs. Jett: bleh… Phantom, nope… Lumi, meh… Kaiser, kill him plz… AB, trolololzzzz… Xenon, too gimicky… DA, saw my lil bro play it in EMS, noticed he is really weak but I think he is going to be fun… for 5 days…

          I LOVE hayato and Kanna. Think Kanna will be my main. Left her alone for a while but started to train her a bit more now. From 112-134 in the past few days. Hayato is cool and still 9x, the only down side is that he has so many skill. I remember always complaining how jobs always only had one or two skills and I would love to have a job like Aran where you really had to have some skills with your fingers…. Now I have that with Hayato and I’m going CRAZY with all the combiniations 😡

        • FOrgot to say, Striker (revamped) my be my real realy main. LOVE pirates, but Nexon fked up buccs with Justice/Renegades… I hoped they would changed it based on the RAGE all the pirates (and thieves) had with the changes in Justice/Renegades and that they would change it in RED… I am really really dissapointed in Nexon… I don’t think you can understand. It’s like how Coca Cola would change their brand, ppl complain about the new taste, but Coca Cola ignores them, even though they are losing litterly millions of customers. They FINALY get a chance to prove themselves in a DESPERATE update they hyped up so much, and in the end decide to do NOTHING about it…

          If I was working at Nexon, and was some kind of Senior Game Designer, I would work my ass off for this. I would notice that we already lost SO MANY players with our previous patch, and we NEEDED to win them back. To add more insult to injury all other jobs get revamped massively while pirates and thieves get left behind. This always happens. When “Adventurers” get a revamp, it’s always ONLY for Mages, Warriors and Archers. Happened with JUMP and with RED… oooh and Big Bang aswell! It litterly pisses me, and from what I know in Maplestory and ALL fansites also all other Pirates and Thieves players off!
          Better give RP to NA… ooh wait wrong game. But you get the point.

    • 3rd job is boring as well… 4th job is cool(er) with Beam Dance.. Basicly that DB skill with the owl around you, but this time you can jump, and move faster and you can use it for as long as you want and use pots while in it.

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