My Song Addictions of June 29, 2013


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    I was just watching the League of Legends Garena championship… Then there was this ad about some asian guy playing on a old school arcade machine as a kid. Then it showed him playing it as a grown up, but through all those years he still got frustrated when he died. Then he looked like he started his own company and made his own game. He was playing it and then it showed different people (maybe different people all over the world). The game looked like DFO and I was like… hmmmm, I wonder if…

    Then you suddenly saw the dude and some “Dark Knight” text game infront of him. Followed by the DFO logo (the gear) and but it said DFN (maybe the Taiwan-ish name) and he said “DFN, Gimme fight”.. and I saw the Nexon logo at the bottom.
    I was laughing so hard cuz I had to think of Joey and how DFO got shut down in America while I saw a advertisement for it for the Taiwan version…. that and Zach still the DFO listing on the right side of the blog 😛

    • Must have been ‘DNF’ you saw which stands for ‘Dungeon and Fighter’, the official name of the game in Korea, China and Taiwan. The official name is ‘Arad Senki’ in Japan. I should replace that with the Navy Field 2 link, shouldn’t I?

      • Yeah I figured it would have a different name in other regions…
        And yeah, I think you should change it… not for me, but maybe for Joey so he won’t cry everytime he visits your blog 😥

        • ROFL! That’s funny.

          • It’s funny cuz Joey’s sad…

            • Darn Taiwan DFO, the DF that Neopeople wanted so it severed the NA relationship….

              BTW, i could always play the chinese version at will, anyone can. But…its in a whole other language and, even though theres an english guild, im not that interested in trying out.

          • But I thought you guys had a PS3 and need to wait a month to get the DLC…
            Or do you also have Black Ops 2 for the Xbox… or just watched ppl livestream?

            • We do have to wait a month. I was playing at work not at home.

              • I need to wait a month as well.. cuz you know.. I have a PS3 and you guys won’t add me -,-

                Playing at work… WHAT?!?!?!?
                Do they have a Xbox at work?
                Do they have a Xbox with BO2 at work?
                Do they have a Xbox with BO2 and the DLC downloaded ast work?
                Are you allowed to play instead of working?! WTF!

                That explains why Game Companies are so slow at times, cuz ppl are playing games instead of working. Can’t wait till I get the opportunity to work in a few years =D

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