Nexon America’s Q2 2013 Approval Rating Survey

The survey is now closed.

All systems go and Nexon America’s Approval Rating Surveys are back!

This survey will give us a quick idea of how the community feels about how Nexon America is currently running its games. I request that survey takers focus mostly on the running of the game over the past three months. The survey will run from June 17 to June 28, 2013.

No specific personal information is required to be given. Some personal information such as age is requested so I can know who is taking the survey. Your IP will be recorded once you have completed the survey. If you feel uncomfortable with any of the questions required (and I don’t see why anyone would be) then don’t take the survey. The survey first seeks to create a demographic idea of who’s taking the survey, what they may be basing their rating on, how qualified they may be to rate the company. It then asks you for your opinion on Nexon and reasons for that opinion (reasons optional).

The survey is eight questions long and should take no more than two minutes to complete. You’ll be required to provide a contact email address only if you’re interested in having a chance to win up to 25,000 NX. Many will enter, very few (three) will win.

Approval Rating History

Q2 2012: 37.95% (2,258 takers)
Q1 2012: 25.10% (2,753 takers)
Q4 2011: 50.92% (>1,500 takers)
Q3 2011: 55.92% (>1,000 takers)
Q1 2011: 66.38% (>1,000 takers)
Q4 2010: 70.98% (<1,000 takers)
September 2010: 62.71% (<1,000 takers)
Q3 2010: 45.23% (<500 takers)


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  1. Yay Free NX! Hope I win~

    Thanks for your generosity Zach 🙂

  2. I’m mad at Nexon. If anyone cares, here is my comment:

    While the fact that they listened to us by not giving us the bottom bar, A LOT of things are still wrong with Nexon America and how they handle their games. Ofcourse there is always the customer support, but another big issue is their visability. They do not show themselves on the forums making all of us think that they do not know what is wrong with their game. All comments made on the forums are automated messages by Girasol saying “thanks we will look into it”.

    Another thing that pisses me off about the way Nexon America is running Maplestory is their lack of knowledge about their own game. Cannoneers had the issue with Cannon Bazooka having a incorrect sound (it sounds like a normal attack bullet fire) for over a year now. I think it changed in March 2012 with some patch, and just now, June 2013, they added it to the “known issues”. Seriously? If only the employees actually played their game. I mean, there are litterly hundreds of bugs that Nexon America can be aware of if they would just play their game. There are hundreds of bugs that are so noticable yet Nexon never fixes or mentions them. A example of this is Singapore arrival map not fitting to the max resolution screen. This has been this way since Big Bang, yet they never did a thing about it until now mentioning it in the “known issues”.

    They should really take a example out of Riot Games. Riot Games has big transparancy, being open to players, having a immense fast customer support (people complain if they haven’t heard anything in 11 days from a ticket, with Nexon America the norm is 8 months, at minimum). Riot Games knows about bugs before most players because they actually play their game. In all honesty, I would want Nexon America to get rid of the bad employees from the service side that do not play Maplestory. This way tickets won’t get the dumb answers they get now because a employee didn’t understand what item or system was meant because they don’t play the game and bugs would be fixed way faster.

    Nexon America seem to be the worst company in the gaming industry I can think of, yes even worse than Trendy Entertainment. I honestly think that all other companies are seeing Nexon America as a joke, just laughing at them because their playerbase doesn’t love them and they aren’t doing any pro-active actions to make their players love them, besides changing the UI a little bit.

    Tl;DR: Nexon America is a bad company that doesn’t care for it’s customers and has no pro active attitude towards their own games. Things always have to be brought up by the community because Nexon America employees don’t play their own game. Customer service is most likely the worst a publisher in the US can have. Nexon needs to improve by hiring atleast a minimum of 30 people for customer service and force a lot of their employees to actually play the game so they understand what the game is about. Playing the game should be a requirement in the hiring process, like it is with Riot Games.

    • I disagree.

      /end reply

      • You gotta admit they are doing a shitty job at A LOT of stuff. I get that you are biased becaue you worked there, Orange works there and you know people there, but ya gotta be realistic here and face the facts. Howlong did it take them to answer that ticket from 2 year ago? You stopped at 11 months right?

        • I disagree.

          Season 1 of ‘My Ticket to Nexon’ took a little over 2 months and season 2 took about 2 weeks. Check mate.

          Edit: Actually in season 1 I stopped after two months but the ticket got answered around six weeks after it was logged.

          • I remember that Joey remembered you about that really long ticket time on that one ticket a month ago…. hmmmm….

            Also, I have multiple tickets that litterly took them 6-8 months to get answered (posted it when DB got released, go answer during chrismass)…… yeah….. GG WP

              • So how about the Maintenance handling from the past few days.
                The Unleashed patch was extended A LOT, and now we have a stupid world transfer maintenance (how hard can it be to transer data from one server to another) that was supposed to take super long (11 hours) and it was even extended with ANOTHER 5 hours!!!.

                GG wp, surrender 20 ok?

                • I’m not sure of the process that Nexon has to go through to transfer characters but it can be a very long and time consuming process which can be very prone to errors. Transferring data as complex as whole characters from one server to another separate server isn’t as easy as copying and pasting.

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