[NXKR] [DT2] Nexon Taking Dota 2 To Korea, Invests 1.8 Million USD

Nexon unexpectedly announced at E3 that the game will be heading to South Korea through the company’s publishing. Nexon also has said it will be investing $1.8 million in early level leagues for the game which it hopes will break the overwhelming dominance of League of Legends in the Korean market. Further details are very few.

It had previously been revealed that Nexon would be the publisher of Dota 2 in Japan.


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  1. Doesn’t Vavle have any connections in Asia?

  2. Would not be surprised if Dota 2 does better than league in Korea.

    Lots of server errors going on with league.

    • LoL already has a MASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and dedicated playerbase in the country. I’d say Dota 2 can definitely hold its own, maybe even rival LoL, but it’s a very steep hill to climb to surpass LoL.

      • Oh dang. Didn’t know it was that big. O.o

        Dota 2 is a failure in every country then xD (not a failure, but it cannot compete with league)

        BTW, I’ll give you that cookie that Robbin promised but didn’t give to you. :O

        -gives cookie-

        • THANK YOU JOEY.

          League is probably the #1 game in the world right now finding huge success in Korea, China and the West. Dota 2 is going to find it hard to keep up.

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