[GMS 1.37] User Interface Update; Level Cap Increase To 250; Twilight Perion

The first preview of Global MapleStory’s Summer update has been released. Click to expand.

GMS 1.36 lvl cap 250, twilight perion, ui update summer 2013


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  1. Whoops, sorry I just saw the facebook post

    • Yeah I’ve been since I posted this meaning to go back and add that this was posted on the official Facebook page. But I haven’t gotten around to it.

      • This looks ugly…

        …but bearable, i guess.

        • You look ugly.

          Oh come on, you had that coming.

            • Also, it looks like the amount of EXP needed to lvl is doing to be decreased.

              • It is? I don’t want it to.

                • No, I mean, Nexon might “listen”, but they never adjust any content before it get’s released, they only take that into account for the next meeting in Korea, and that is only till a certain extend of what they want to “remember” from what the community said.

                  Remember the recent Inkwell’s secret Diary? It was about the Maplestory Korea team saying that from now on they will really listen to our feedback and not just go with “what is planned regardless of what people think”. This is because they noticed that if they had done this with Unlimited not 70% of their playerbase would quit.

                  They NEED to listen else Maplestory will die with the next patch if players don’t like it (like the Battle mage changes which got scrapped because the community didn’t like it).

                  Before Nexon America might have listened but they never INTEREACTED with us. Now they are interacting and ASKING us for feedback

                • You see because I can’t bother with this discussion tonight.

                • How about right now? :p

                • How about now after that knife entered your face?

                • I love the new update.. seems like they are alistening.. I plan on either making apost or a comment on another post of yours so it is easy visable… about how Nexon (the WHOLENexon maplestory branch from all server) came together 6 months ago right after Unlimited and decided what to do (cuz Korea noticed they were dramaticly losing players…
                  What it boils down to is that they decided to give players back the events they love (KMS= sheep vs wolves, GMS = VPQ and GPQ), ASAP, but I will talk more about that later

              • It isn’t going to be decreased o.O
                Also, if you check the Nexon Forums just like with Male Kanna, Nexon America is actually listening and taking feedback for the 2nd time in their 8 years of existance from the community. They are changing the way the UI looks based on our feedback. Waltzing said that the FB picture isn’t final, and he posted a thread asking for feedback on the UI.

                Let’s hope to go that they change the EXP and the HP and MP bar. HP and MP needs to be bigger while the EXP bar needs to be twice the size in height… The UI looks like any 3D MMORPG WoW clone now, with a exp bar super thin accross half the screen…

                • Okay? Is it really that important the EXP bar be thick?

                  I’m sure we’ve had this argument over Nexon listening to its players and taking feedback before. And you lost (after a bit of compromise on my part, but we can forget about that part).

              • i meant from lvl 200-250, haha.

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