Nexon America Approval Rating Polls Return This June

Nexon America Approval Rating Polls return to The Msupdate Blog this June after being absent for over a year. These polls will now be END on the final Friday of the final month in each quarter. They will BEGIN two Mondays prior to this date. Therefore, the next few polls:

June 17 – 28, 2013 (Q2 2013)
September 16 – 27, 2013 (Q3 2013)
December 16 – 27, 2013 (Q4 2013)

This survey will give us a quick idea of how the community feels about how Nexon America is currently running its games. I request that survey takers focus mostly on the running of the game over the past three months.

No specific personal information is required to be given. Some personal information such as age is requested so I can know who is taking the survey. Your IP will be recorded once you have completed the survey.

The poll will return with an NX giveaway, the details of which are yet to be decided. Details on the structure and requirements of the poll are also yet to be decided.

Results of the last poll

Total number of votes: 2,258
Approve: 37.95% (+12.85%)
Disapprove: 38.04% (-0.97%)
Undecided/No Opinion:  24.01% (-11.88%)

Approval Rating History

Q2 2012: 37.95% (2,258 takers)
Q1 2012: 25.10% (2,753 takers)
Q4 2011: 50.92% (>1,500 takers)
Q3 2011: 55.92% (>1,000 takers)
Q1 2011: 66.38% (>1,000 takers)
Q4 2010: 70.98% (<1,000 takers)
September 2010: 62.71% (<1,000 takers)
Q3 2010: 45.23% (<500 takers)


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  1. SO Zach, tell me… How is the art for Titan comming allong?

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