[NX] Nexon Assigned A- Credit Rating By JCR; Outlook Stable

Nexon Co. Ltd. (JP:3659) announced today that it has been assigned an A- credit rating from the Japan Credit Rating Agency with a stable outlook. The company requested and received the rating to enhance transparency and increase opportunities for  potential access to capital and flexibility for further growth.

Additional details can be found on the JCR website at www.jcr.co.jp/english/.


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  1. WHAT NEXON GOT A A- LOOOOL THIS IS TRIPPI-oh, Nexon Japan. Makes sense.

    • It’s Nexon as a global company, not just Nexon Japan. And I’ve never heard of Nexon America having credit problems so I don’t think their rating would be any worse.

      • I think Nexon NA shud get A, not an A-.

        I mean, MapleStory is extremely huge, so i goitz to agree ;P

        • Maplestory is not extremely huge (anymore), from what I can tell. I think it’s peak times were during the Big Bang update…. Especialy after the Unlimited Update a lot of people quit, and the poor customer service. It looks like they are changing things with the RED update, but we need to wait and see….

          • MapleStory on a global stage is still huge.

            Other info:
            KMS’s record 620,000 concurrent users was hit in August 2011 after the release of Cannon Shooters. GMS hit its record 136,000 concurrent users in December 2010 after the Big Bang update. I would love to know ChinaMS’s record but I can’t find that info anywhere.

            • See… their latest biggest hits were almost 2 years ago… That does say something… Doesn’t matter if the update was big, people should continuously play, not just when there is a “new cool update”. And you also gotta know that from what I heard, a lot of players quit KMS after Unlimited.
              I honestly think that the developers of all Nexon Maplestory versions KNOW this, which is why they decided that no other service is allowed to get Unlimited anymore.

              KMS noticed that Unlimited only made people quit (lots of people), so they quickly send out a few memo’s to other teams that they should not prepare for Unlimited, instead the people at KMS will do their best to quickly create a new update for them. GM Girasol already said on the forums and on Southperry that “They tried to push the name Spark on us too, but to us that sounded soooo dumb, and the logo. Don’t tell Korea that I said that ;). We will be getting some of the Unlimited update aswell as the new UI. But it will not be called Spark ;)”. So Nexon Korea decided to add a new [ugly] UI to the update that should replace Unlimited. Instead of making a raised Damage cap, they nerf it by making it weapon specific. They then decide to change the name to Spark…
              Korea then most likely told everyone to release all the Unlimited things in seperate small patches so they can release the Spark update as the big summer update.
              Nexon Europe was like “ooooh hell no”, they released a new level cap a few months ago and will get DA and Xenon soon, but are still going to release Unlimited. CMS and JMS will both be getting Spark with DA and Xenon.
              GMS will be getting some of both… in a update I predict will be called Twinkle.

              • 1. I didn’t say the MS population hasn’t fallen. I said on a global scale the game is still huge.
                2. That’s how game populations tend to work. Especially when games have passed their phase of attracting new players the active playerbase tends to peak when the biggest updates are release particularly if these updates are received during the games’ on season.
                3. People did quit the game after Unlimited but most people overshoot their estimation of this. People are all like “OMG 50% OF THE MAPLE POPULATION QUIT”. No.
                4. Is there anything wrong with what was done in the delivery of Unlimited? If the update as a whole wasn’t successful in KMS then I don’t think it’s unreasonable for the other services not to get the same update as a whole.

  2. My god, I was just reading the update notes for EMS for Unlimited.. just for fun..
    WTF they spelling is SO HORRIBLE!
    Don’t they have proof writers?!

    1. Their grammar is bad.
    2. The composition of their text is uber bad.
    3. It all looks like a giant mess.
    4. Spread related topics all over the update notes thus not making them look related.

    Example 1:
    Maple Warriors~! Save the cursed city ‘Azwan’!!

    Correct version should be:
    Maple warriors, save the cursed city Azwan!
    Or: Maple warriors… save the cursed city Azwan!

    Example 2:

    Gold Beach:
    […] have been contaminated due to unkown.

    Correct version should be:
    […] have been contaminated due to unkown reasons.

    Example 3 (monster park Extreme introduced):
    […] which is specialized to Maple Warriors under 4th job
    Enter “Extrem” at Monster Park.
    Hunt “Extreme” at Monster Park

    Correct version should be:
    […] which is specialized for Maple warriors at 4th job.
    Enter “Extreme” at Monster Park.
    Hunt “Extreme” at Monster Park.
    I don’t even know what they mean by hunting or entering extreme at monster park…. I mean wtf. I get it that it might be a joke and that EVERYTHING IS EXTREEEEMEEEEEE over there, but wtf, please put in some more emotion in your text if you want to bring that message, now it looks dumb.

    Seriously, I have only had my screen at the Azwan and Monster Park thing, so if I scrolled up and down to look at more mistakes I am sure I would find them…. It annoys me beyond what you can understand that a company this big doesn’t have proof writers/readers….. DAFUQ
    IT really fucking pisses me off because with my study we learn how to proof write and how to write in a way that can never confuse anyone or in any way be missinterpretatedddddd or however you write that word…. ugh > : (

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