My Top 5 Most Played Songs

Since TMB has obviously made the transition from a MapleStory blog to a music blog since there is less and less and less to talk about outside of KMS and JMS. CMS and TwMS seem to have taken a pause in updates. BMS and VMS have closed. GMS is being GMS.

Edit: And there’s also me obviously forgetting all about EMS and MSEA.

So I ranked my songs in Media Player today by number of plays. The results were Sweet Nothing, Attack, Radioactive, Heart Attack and Feel Again.


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  1. It took me litterly 40 seconds to realise that TMB means The Msupdate Blog

      • Hah, only took me 30. >;D

        • You have no idea how happy I was when I saw that you had commented. As in… I smiled and said “Yay Joey!”.

          This is what happens when you don’t comment for nearly 72 hours.

          • Aww! Thanks ❤

            also, in regards for you not posting nexon posts, i made this: Oppression.

            And im sorry for not knowing it was 72 hours. i missed you guys ;~;


              • Because it’s an incredible song.


                • *Rolls eyes* Joey you have no taste in music. You need to work on that.

                  What she said.

                • I see how it is, Sammi. ;~; I thought we were friends. :ccccc

                  -1 second later-

                  Okai Sammi! I think my music taste has improved!

                  Only exception, i still think heart attack should be played by satan in hell. but nonetheless, heres a song that i-god dammit words cant explain it. Its just so damn beautiful. Better than any crap you’ll find on the radios today ._.

                • Once again I’ll attribute your apparent hatred of Heart Attack on a simple hate of pop music. Otherwise I’d be forced to execute you.

                  What’s the song? O_O.

                • Do you like it? Its freaking amazing…

                  Genesis – Ripples.

                  This song…just…my favorite song of all time for now…its higher up than a song addiction.

                • I don’t really like it that much. Sorry.

                • Your so racist towards genesis lol.

                • The lyrics are nice. The song overall is boring.

                • Heart Attack:

                  “IM GUNA HAV A HERT ATTAC LUL” -Demi.

                  Oh waiit you said the lyrics wer nice but not the song. okay then.


                  Its like Justin Beibers baby. He says the same thing all song. well, above.

                  Btw im doing this just for fun, and to enlighten you on how flawed your music taste has become o.o.o.o.o.o;

                • 1. There’s nothing wrong with my music taste.
                  2. Comparing Demi to Bieber is like comparing me to a mouse. There’s no comparison.
                  3. You just proved that you don’t know the lyrics. Therefore your critique of said lyrics is invalid.
                  4. She doesn’t say the same lyrics throughout the whole song. She says the same lyrics in the chorus. You know, like just about every artist does.

                • Well you can compare you to a mouse:
                  Both have 2 eyes,
                  both have a heart (attack 😉 )
                  both have teeth
                  both like cheese and food in general
                  both have 4 limbs
                  both have a head
                  both have a brain
                  both have ears
                  both have a tongue
                  can both live in the USA
                  can both live in Jamaica
                  can both live in Canada
                  can both live in spain
                  can both live in Japan
                  can both live in The Netherlands
                  can both live in Korea
                  can both live in the UK
                  can both live on a boat, though not for that long
                  can both live on a plane
                  can both be on a train
                  both have a sense of direction
                  both were born at a certain time in history
                  will both eventualy die
                  both breath air
                  both poop and pee
                  both need food and water to survive
                  both need sleep
                  both have the abilitie to close lower their eyelids

                • Now go answer AUA!!!

              • But what did you say in your opression…. email me?
                I wanna know what Zach wanted to opress!! 😡

            • What did you make for Zach?
              He opressed you?

              Also, I like your profile pic Zach 🙂

              Also…. have fun doing your nightly activity with Sammi in 2 hours, I’m looking forward to your report of it…. I want it on my desk by Saturday morning, so you better not slack… I want the report printed in color, I want it to be in detail and in 4 different languages: English, Chinese, Bulgarian and Russian.
              So, get to work (in 2 hours).

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