It’s My Birthday

So it’s my birthday and I’m officially a year older. 26! Wow. Getting so old. In no time I’ll be preparing for retirement. Today’s gonna be an amazing day, I have a ton planned.


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  1. Omg Happy Birthday πŸ˜€

  2. Wow you are so old xD
    HB πŸ™‚

  3. Happy birthday buddy!
    I hope you have an awesome day!
    What kind of stuff do you have planned?
    Going out for dinner? Watching a movie? Go-karting with you buddies?
    Going to a sauna with your friends? Or a nude-beach with them?


    I think I’m going to far….


    Maybe answer the AuA?
    Oooh wait, that is waaaaaaay to far, sorry :p

    No seriously though, have a awesome 26th birthday!!!!! =D

  4. PSH WOW IVE BEEN COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS TO YOUR BIRTHDAY AND I FORGOT!. well, heres a birthday card thing lol. -Serious mode, engage!-

    Hey Zach! Its GIJoey here, and uh, well, Happy Birthday! We surely have had lots of fun together, as friends! The first i ever went on msupdate, (I never got to make that cake. D:), i didnt expect to actually be here for this long and be actual friends with you guys. Coming to this blog is now my daily routine, and its fun commenting and sharing thoughts about things. I know we’re not friends on an extremely personal level (FB, Twitter.etc) but in mah book, you, alongside with Robbin, are my closest >>INTERNET<< friends i have right now. So thanks alot Zach! AAnd i hope you have a good 26st year…

    ..ya freakin' old geeze-*gets shot*

  5. Happy birthday! How are you doing, man?!

    • Hey! Thanks. Just went on MNN. Wow, I hadn’t realized it’s been THAT long since I last checked up on it.

      • Ha! Yeah, it’s been a while. Been a difficult year for the site between Hurricane Sandy knocking us out of commission for several weeks and the site getting hacked the year before…slowly trying to get things going again. Boy has the fan site landscape changed! How are things with you?

        • Yeah I hadn’t ever realized when you guys moved back over the Meh, I’ve been bored with MS recently. Not blogging as much, not paying attention to updates and events anymore. I am so hoping that GMS and KMS Summer updates will change that. How’ve you been?

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