[MSU] Zach’s Dictionary: On-Season, Off-Season, Player Boom, Secondary Season

Zach’s Dictionary is an archive  of all of the terms that you’ll frequently see me use to describe events/scenarios/happenings/classifications/whatever else as related to MapleStory, Nexon, gaming and so on. The terms that are found in the dictionary are terms which either have frequently misunderstood or controversial meanings attached to them, have a meaning in MS/NX/gaming terms which differs from its official English language definition or that I have just made up in order to put a meaning to something. Most terms are pretty straight forward in their meanings. Although you may have never heard the term used in that way before, once you see it and the context it’s used in you can pretty easily figure out what meaning it holds. Others are a little more difficult. The terms are added to the dictionary only after they’ve been used by me in conversation and as quickly as possible after their first use.

This is the first time I’m putting entries into Zach’s Dictionary in a post. This is usually done in comments and therefore easily lost.

Player Boom

Used to describe the  times of year when player activity in games is at its highest. These usually take place during holiday periods, such as Winter break, Spring break and Summer break.

Example: Global MapleStory’s player boom comes in July, August and December.


The periods when the biggest game content updates are added to a game. Many times strategically coincide with the player boom.

Example: Global MapleStory’s on-season is extreme late June, July, early August, December, extreme early January.


Times of the year other than a game’s on-season. Usually coincide with lower player activity.

Example: Global MapleStory’s off-season is most of January, February, March, April, May, most of June, late August, September, October and November.

Secondary season

Periods of a game’s off-season which usually see an uptick in content delivery. Content updates are larger than usual off-season updates but smaller than usual on-season updates.

Example: Global MapleStory’s secondary season is late March, early April and the second half of October.


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  1. Haha, Zach already taught me this. >;D

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