Massively: Rise and Shiny revisit: Mabinogi remains magical

I try to take deeper looks at certain titles at least once a year. These are special games that prove to me that MMORPGs are still the best gaming you can participate in, pixel for pixel. Mabinogi is one of those titles. It’s also one of those titles that almost makes me want to quit writing about games. Ironically, the more you write about games, the less time you have to play specific titles, games that could easily suck away hours of your life every day. These are virtual worlds with open character development and grand, sweeping storylines. If I had the time, I’d probably spend most of it in Mabinogi.

During this week’s revisit, I knew I had to accomplish several things. First, I needed to clean up my quest list. Mabinogi is wonderful in the way it offers a player tons and tons of content and storylines, but they can be visited in a non-linear fashion that leads to confusion. Second, I wanted to revel in the glory that was the newly free extended inventory. Third, I wanted to check out the new systems and tweaks that have come along since I last dived into the game.

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  1. I liked Mabinogi. You didnt have to specifically master one class. You can continually rebirth into something else and master their skills and move on. I loved that concept…until i was stuck on a dungeon and a rq’s LOLLLL. Maybe ill come back one day. xD

    That concept is also one that makes me wanna try Eden eternal. But idk, mixed feelings.

    • It really is an incredible game. REALLY amazing, so immersive. It’s quite similar to RuneScape is some regards.

      Yeah, Eden Eternal is good too. The concept is amazing. The unfortunate thing is that the population has dwindled so much after absolutely surging in the game’s first few months. When the game just launched it was bigger than Global MS ever was, now it’s nowhere near where Global MS is in terms of population. Just died out. Apart from the class system it really doesn’t have much ‘different’ to offer. For a game to be successful it either has to offer something different that other games don’t offer, or offer the same things but make them better. So once you get over Eden Eternal’s class system the game dies for you. You should try it though.

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