[GMS] MASSIVE Updates This Summer?

So it’s almost Summer. This means that one of the on-seasons for the biggest updates of the year is right around the corner. But this Summer is slightly different from the usual. Unlike previous Summers when we had an idea of exactly what major update we would be getting, this Summer we’re not quite sure. This is quite simply because there is SO MUCH CONTENT on the pipeline for Global MS. Like, LOADS.

I mean there’s Monster Life (probably coming in June), Demon Avenger, Xenon, Thunder Breaker revamp, Wind Archer revamp, Dawn Warrior revamp, class revamps, general reorganizations, the level cap increase, the damage cap increase, etc. Some of this content came relatively recently to KMS and will probably be pushed into the Fall. BUT much of this content is quite old in KMS and with KMS expected to release a huge update this Summer, it’s clear that the Summer will also be a big one for Global MS.

These are my chances that we’ll receive the content BY THE END OF THE MONTH listed. These predictions are made with many assumptions and are therefore subject to change (A LOT of change).

Demon Avenger

June: 50%
July: 99%


June: 30%
July: 99%
August: 99%

Thunder Breaker

June: 20%
July: 35%
August: 75%
September: 90%
October: 95%
November: 97%
December: 99%

Wind Archer

June: 10%
July: 20%
August: 40%
September: 45%
October: 50%
November: 60%
December: 95%
January: 99%

Dawn Warrior

June: 5%
July: 20%
August: 30%
September: 35%
October: 37%
November: 40%
December: 80%
January: 95%
February: 97%
March: 99%
April: 99%

Some reasoning

  • These predictions were made with the assumption that we’ll receive all this content and in the same order than it arrived in KMS. Although allowance was made in the percentages for changes to the order/omissions of the content altogether. The following reasons/arguments are made with this in mind.
  • Demon Avenger will come this Summer. It will very highly likely come in late June or early July, though I’m leaning slightly towards early July.
  • Xenon will come soon after Demon Avenger, more than likely in the middle of July. It is quite possible that it will come in the same update as Demon Avenger, and as stated previously that update could come in late June or early July. It is also possible that it won’t come until August, but this change is extremely small.
  • Thunder Breaker will come in late July or August. Uncertainly is high about this one (and the content after it). They could of course come in the same update as Demon Avenger or Xenon or both. If it’s left until Fall then it’ll very likely arrive before the end of September. If it isn’t added by the end of September it’ll probably be left until December.
  • Wind Archer and Dawn Warrior assumptions similar to Thunder Breaker assumptions. If Thunder Breaker isn’t added by the end of October it’ll likely be left until December or January. If Dawn Warrior isn’t added by the end of October it’ll likely be left until December. If it isn’t added by the end of December it’ll likely be left until March or April.

Two other scenarios that I have in my head, independent of the predictions above:

  • Thunder Breaker, Wind Archer and Dawn Warrior will be released in a single update over the Fall, possibly in October as this tends to be a big-ish month for updates. This is a less likely scenario.
  • A more likely scenario is that Thunder Breaker, Wind Archer and Dawn Warrior is released with the other two Cygnus Knights revamps (Blaze Wizard and Night Walker) in December and/or January. This is under the assumption that the Blaze Wizard and Night Walker revamps will be released this Summer in Korea MS. This is a more likely scenario.

These predictions were obviously made only for the classes of the Unlimited and Cygnus Returns updates. The reorganizations and other content is assumed to be added along at some point.

Long story short: There’s a lot of content that needs to be fitted in. We really have seven months (second half of June; all of July, August, September, October, November, December; first half of January) for all of this content to be added, with the second half of June, all of July, the first half of August, all of December and the first half of January being the on-season for big content updates. It’ll be interesting to see how this works out.

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  1. I know exactly how its going to happen.
    We will get unlimited this summer
    Cygnus Returns this fall
    KMS’ Summer Update this winter

    • But KMS’s Summer update more than likely includes the remaining Cygnus Returns revamps. If you’re saying that we’ll get the portion of Cygnus Returns that KMS already has this Fall then that’s a good option and is one of my scenarios.

      Really after I see exactly what comes in KMS’s Summer update it’ll be much easier to predict when all of this content will come over.

      • Just remember we are 6 months behind them.

        • Saying we’re six months behind them is a simplistic way of looking at it. There are many other factors that go into an updates timing other than the six month interval. The six month interval (which is more like seven months (from December to July) and then five months (from July to December)) occurs because of the on-seasons for big updates. Both GMS and KMS have the same on-season and they happen to be around six months apart. So therefore content which arrives in KMS now is typically scheduled for GMS six months later to keep us approximately in line.

          But that’s exactly the thing. The big updates usually come in the Summer in KMS (so we know that GMS will get it in the Winter during our on-season) and in the Winter in KMS (so we know GMS will get it in the Summer in our on-season). But this year we have an update as big as Cygnus Returns that was (started to be) added to KMS off-season. Should we go ahead and say that the five to seven month delay will still hold and that GMS will also add the Cygnus Returns update off-season, or should be say that Nexon will realize the opportunity in waiting until on-season in December before adding Cygnus Returns. We can ask if we’ll follow KMS in releasing the classes over several months (in which case then it might start in Fall and extent into Winter) or will be merge them into a single update/bring the updates much closer together (in this case we won’t start getting them until late, probably November or early December and will be way over the six month interval).

          Like I said, once I see exactly what’s coming to KMS this Summer I should have a bigger picture. Last year I accurately predicted that Mihile, despite being a class which typically come on-season, would be brought forward into the off-season in Fall so we would be able to fit Tempest into the Winter season. This was obvious because Tempest was such an important update that it was worth wasting the Mihile release on Fall just to ensure Tempest got the coveted December release window. As is stated as one of my scenarios (and as you’re predicting), if KMS’s Summer updates are big then I can totally see us getting at least some of the Cygnus Returns content over the Fall (approximately six months after their KMS release).

          • Cygnus Returns will begin in the fall, end in the beginning of winter, and the Summer Update from KMS will come in the winter. Just like you said with Mihile. Because our off-seasons are also the same. It really won’t be that complicated and GMS will probably combine the first 3 knights into one update, like Jump

  2. July..so far..hurry up Xenon…or ima kill u….o.o….

    • Two months? You can wait. Think of what your mother had to go through for nine whole months. TOTALLY the same thing.

      • LOl why didn’t I see this post before -,- .. or any of ur other ones?
        FUUU notifier -,-

        Anyways… I think it’s as easy as litterly putting all the content 6 months ahead… so Cygnus will be released during the fall…. Our summer update will be exactly the Winter update from KMS (with maybe some changes)… look at the vid they released, they teased us with stupid ass Monster Life… WTFFFF
        I mean sure, it’s okay for Korea since they (maybe .. idk) love that social stuff… but in the Western world… Asian teenage gamers don’t like that shit.. and if they do they have FarmVille…..
        Wow -,-

        • It’s not that easy. In the past year we’ve gotten content from three months to seven/eight months after KMS. Demand, on-season/off-season, holidays, etc. still play a big part.

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