[GMS 1.34] Super 8th Anniversary Highlights

I want to sleep so badly. Posting this first. Why did I just tell people that? Unnecessary. Good night.

MapleStory Super 8th Anniversary Update Highlights
MapleStory Super 8th Anniversary Update Highlights
MapleStory Super 8th Anniversary Update Highlights
MapleStory Super 8th Anniversary Update Highlights
MapleStory Super 8th Anniversary Update Highlights
MapleStory Super 8th Anniversary Update Highlights
MapleStory Super 8th Anniversary Update Highlights
MapleStory Super 8th Anniversary Update Highlights

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  1. This looks lame. No amazing gimmick? What about cake vs pie? dat waz pro

    • I agree with you on this one. It looks really lame, just boring individual events, no real team events like the one where you had to jump on a pad and hit a baloon that you would always do 666 dmg (laughed at that when I first saw that) to the balloon and it was your team vs another team…
      or CvP, though badly executed the first time, it was really good the 2nd time.. well not really good, but it was good….

      Suck 😦

  2. Just to elaborate on this and to show how lazy the GMS team actualy is (atleast with this patch).

    We get a board game event that we had a few months ago (wooo for recycled content AGAIN, seriously wtf Nexon America why do you keep recycling and reskinning old content and treat it as new).

    The click-NPC-boxes is the christmass event that KMS had last year, so this is basicly one and a half year old technology, reskinned.

    Random tree to grow o.O

    Monsters now drop good equips… woah don’t go to crazy here. All devs have to do is change a bit of code to give special selected monsters have a droprate on items they normally don’t have.

    New equips…. what the fuck their graphics looks so bad. The purple color is the same, no different tints of purple, seems like something created in 2001, just look at those bad graphics..
    Ooh and before I forget, wtf, they jsut reskinned a few gloves, belts the spiegelman aupellete…

    I am getting so annoyed by this, I mean, it’s you birthday event, how can you even dare to recycle content, add in a few “new” drops and equips and call it a new patch. I am really pissed off by this!

    • It’s my sworn duty to defend the management of GMS unless I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY agree with the criticizer so…

      LEAVE NEXON ALONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. It’s an event patch. They’re preparing for a big Summer (likely, at least). Cut them some slack. It’s an event patch. Probably didn’t want to stack resources into it.

      -Insert more excuses here-

      • meh.

        i sorta agree with zach but at the same time, isnt this supposed to be THE NEXON? The friggin king of every country with their games.

        Except America. Becuase of laziness like this.

        (Sorry, i havent been playing Nexon games and my mind is not set on defending them right now. League ftw still lol).

        Oh and im also playing boom.zing.vn recently. iunno. brings back memories i guess. If only i found a dang english guild. ><;

        • Well of course you agree with me. Everybody knows that my opinions are THE ONLY OPINIONS.

          I played Boom for a while too. Stopped when PopTag! came out.

          • I disagree with you, you know me a bit now and know that I love Nexon… but I’m being realistic here. Look at the recycled content. It’s not just now, Nexon America has been doing this since Big Bang! Look at the trailers!
            KMS ALWAYS makes new trailers, what does GMS do?
            “uuuh [insert name video maker], we forgot to tell you we have a patch planned for next tuesday called Aftershock, can you please make a video for it in your weekend? Thnx bruh”….

            I mean dafuq, I even saw some Big Bang trailer footage in the Winter Patch that I forgot the name of…

            like OMG that’s litterly trailer material from 2 and a half years ago!
            If you look at it from a lore perspective it doesn’t even work… why would you show the cataclysms that the Big Bang caused when that has been something that happened 2 years ago. It’s like me giving you a tour of my new house while showing pictures of the house that I grew up in…. o.O

            Also in other news, in exactly 11 hours I’ll be up in the air to Toronto =D

            • Compare this post (MapleStory) made just now (May update)

              to this http://na.leagueoflegends.com/news/patch-36-notes-1

              Hmm………………..who puts in more effort.

              League has 1 laned map with matchmaking (as players wanted), champion balances to suit the players, and a new champion coming really soon (which players are looking forward to).

              MapleStory has recyled events + trailer (Players will probably not bother/be bored with grinding for coins).


            • -Insert excuse here-

              • You actaully can compare them. Riotgames could have chosen to release them seperatly in a small patch but didnt. Nexon could have chosen to give us a lot more content or atleast better content, but they didnt. Riotgames had the same amount of time as nexon to develop stuff. Riot decded to actually do something…

                • You don’t get why I’m saying you can’t compare them. You’re comparing a big LoL update with a small MS update. LoL updates aren’t always this big and MS updates aren’t always this small. Nexon could have also chosen to release Tempest over 10 small updates, but settled with 3. Unless my intepretation of time is completely off, Riot also had the same amount of time last year to development content for December release as Nexon did. MS’s Winter updates were much much better than LoL’s. Nexon chose to make their May 2013 content update small and limit to just events for whatever reason.

                  If you want to compare, compare the average MS update with the average LoL update. The average MS update comes out being bigger (at worst about the same) as the average LoL update.

                • Att least Riot has customer service. o.o;

                  i remember like 3 yrs ago you had a “Lets see how long it is till my issue gets resolved through nexons customer service”!

                  …it got discontinued if i can recall. xDDD

                • Oh my gosh! I remember that! Yeah I think I gave up on it because it was taking so long. Months and months.

                • Did you ever see this? https://msupdate.wordpress.com/2011/07/11/indentifying-a-fake-ticket-reply/

                  I haven’t pwned anyone like that in a while.

                  And ‘My Ticket To Nexon’ actually had 2 seasons. The first one was canceled but the second season actually came to a resolution with a decent Nexon response, though after a very extended period of time.

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