My Song Addiction (Special Edition): The Script

Let’s continue with my favorite genre, alternative.


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  1. I love listening to this music all the time. 😉

    However, for the future, could you put the videos after the cuts? xD

    • Sure. Why though? Takes a while to load?

      • That, and scrolling through the page is a little long, haha. ;P

        • I need to agree with myself here

            • Your banner is really interesting… I like the “M” in the Nexon-style, though it seems to be a bit low res. Did you strech the image a bit too much?
              I thought you started your blog in 2008 (thought I read that in your about page, which for some reason you removed page but I can still acces it)

              • I looks low res? Didn’t notice. Okay, I notice now. I didn’t resize it at all. Maybe I should have actually put some work into it instead of using paint. It always amazed me how my graphics for personal projects like this blog always lack excellent despite me doing this for a living. That’s lazy me.

                It was opened in August 2009.

                TMIOP: April coming tomorrow.

                And I’m happy you realized it was Nexon colours. Some people couldn’t figure it out.

                • Still waiting….

                • Forgot “tomorrow” was Friday. Don’t work on Fridays. Could fix it up now but I can’t be bothered.

                • What people didn’t notice, me and that Arzh guy are the only one commenting on your blog

                • But you aren’t the only people who read my blog and commenting isn’t the only way to communication with me.

                • Robbin is still counting you as him, a continuation of his April Fools joke which claims he is you and you are him.

                  It’s almost like you’re… TWINS.

                  Actually it’s not anything like you being twins but it kinda sounded cool when I said it in my head.

                • But we are the same person. Actualy kind of funny that you haven’t realised that yet, makes it actualy really funny 😛

                  So, didn’t Orange note that it was the Nexon logo?! WTFF He should be used to seeing that logo everyday when he goes to work o.O

                  Also, I have a question.
                  Since DFO has a localization team at Nexon at wherever Orange is working, does that mean a whole floor will be empty now?
                  I imagine it as that every game has it’s own floor, and then in those floors you have all these desks with computers, a coffee machine and that game’s manager’s room. So since DFO had isn’t own floor, will that be empty now? What will happen to it…. Will they make that into one giant toilet room?

                  ALSO….. howmany floors does the building have? Help me imagine the wonderfull world Orange is forced to be in every Monday – Friday from 8 – 4

                • Your regularly differing IP as well as your the differing ways that you talk the your slightly differing personalities tell me differently. Unless you’re one heck of a good actor Robbin.

                  Orange hasn’t said anything about it.

                  Not every game has its own floor. As a matter of fact Nexon’s office is not a multitude of floors as you seem to think. The teams are split up in the office space. I don’t know what will happen to the team now. I guess either they’ll be made redundant or I’m sure at least some of them will be offered other positions within the company.

                • Didn’t I tell you I used a IP changer? 😉

                • It’s possible but I don’t believe you.

                • “TMIOP: April coming tomorrow” -Msupdate apr 4.

                  Date: April 7.

                  u lied to meh.

                • You clearly don’t under the level of laziness that cripples me on weekends.

              • Fixed it up a little. Still not perfect. Maybe when I go to work tomorrow.

            • Remember a few weeks ago when I wasn’t commenting for a while and suddenly GIJoey started commenting a lot?;)

                • You don’t even play.. So please tell me, why don’t you play LoL?

                • Who said I don’t play LoL?

                • Msupdate.. whats ur ign? We’ll all have a few games and chillax (Me you and Robbin). 🙂 (Also, we could stop Robbins messed up plan of him trying to say me and him are the same guy. o.o;)

                • Why did you call me “Msupdate”? It seems awkward since we’ve been talking for so long and you’ve always called me by my name.

                  I didn’t say I have played recently. I just don’t ever recall saying I didn’t actively play or play at all so I was wondering why Robbin was under that impression.

                • Well, you never said anything LoL related like

                  ‘Omg I hate leavers”

                  “Lol theres gotta be a jungler”

                  “****** is my fav hero”

                  “LoL’s cash shop is less money sucking than MS”

                  or anything. so we assumed you didnt play league. ;P
                  Robbin says sorry, so do i.

              • Robbin. I would never lose to a lvl 1 game in LoL 1-14.

                and i would never leave a game in LoL. nubbbbb

                • lol well I was having lagg since the NA server isn’t very friendly towards someone living in Europe… I just got fed up with my feeding team and was like “aaah fuck this”, since they all said they were from EUw aswell, cuz the server was down, so reporting them would have no use and most of them left as well…. Wasnt a fun game trust me, you know

                • Excuses, excuses.

  2. We cry twice, it seems =D

  3. Its been awhile. :3

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