My Song Addiction (Special Edition): Imagine Dragons

Today’s My Song Addiction will be a special edition in which I highlight Imagine Dragons. Imagine Dragons is without a doubt my favorite rock band, and that’s saying something.  They’re to incredibly musically talented and have been making quite a name for themselves especially recently. Each of their songs are awesome. The vocals are so perfect for their songs. Here are a few of their songs.

That’s just a few of their songs. If you like them then I suggest you go check out some more.


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  1. -Sees this post on 12th-

    -Overwhelmed by many videos-


    -Comes back on 20th-

    -Clicks a video-


  2. one of my favorite bands too
    but my favorite is still fun.

  3. Navyfield 2 CB keys are out, I got mine!

    It also seems like they’re planning to use an Origin/Steam like launcher for all of their games in the future (

  4. The whole Nexon Launcher actually looks really sleek and nice. I’ll download it tonight.

    ‘Your guess is as good as mine” A cow crushed your computer and you couldnt apply.

    ….you might have to revoke your statement my friend.

  5. Do you guys notice a pattern here? Regarding the Nexon Launcher.

    10100-10800 are all over the place, but.. the 20100—



    SA = Claimed to be 20300.

    Which means Maplefreaks claim nay be completely correct because Sudden Attack is said to be in Winter.

    And BF falls before it, but after Navy field 2.

    But scratch spring. Maybe CB… but it WILL launch early-mid summer if im lucky.

    • I assume you’re talking about Shadow Company, the upcoming FPS, and not Sudden Attack? And yeah I was wondering about that too.

    • There’s something that I also always wanted to ask you. You’re aware that MapleSEA isn’t a service of MapleStory for Seattle, right?

      • o.O how is that related to anything in this post. Joey didn’t say anything about that right? Or am I missing something…

        • I seen him mention something like that a few times.

          “MapleSEA? I have DFO to worry about-*gets shot by seattle*”

          “MapleSEA will not shut down. I dont think it will,

          however, i DO think service for Maple in Seattle will go to NA is it ever did.

          Why do u think it wont?”

          and it prompted this reply from you at a point Robbin:

          “Me neither… do they have a seperate Maplestory version for Seattle o_0… must be pretty empty… What nerfs did MSEA get that are so horrendus?! Or however you spell that, feel free to correct me . Did they nerf the drop rates and make cash items cost 3x the amount than what we pay in GMS?”

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