[NX] Nexon Invests In Robotoki

NEXON Co., Ltd. (“Nexon”) (3659.TO), a worldwide leader in free-to-play online games, today announced that it has made a strategic investment in Robotoki Inc. (“Robotoki”), a Los Angeles-based game development studio led by Robert Bowling, former Creative Strategist of the Call of Duty franchise. Terms of the investment were not disclosed.

“Robert Bowling’s creativity and talent is evidenced by his track record of success, and we look forward to collaborating with the entire Robotoki team to deliver inventive, multi-dimensional gaming experiences to consumers in North America and around the world.”

This investment will be a step in the direction of coordinating efforts in developing future games based on Robotoki’s development of multi-screen, cross-platform gameplay.

“We are thrilled to partner with Robotoki to develop cutting-edge multi-platform, cross-genre games,” said Seungwoo Choi, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nexon. “Robert Bowling’s creativity and talent is evidenced by his track record of success, and we look forward to collaborating with the entire Robotoki team to deliver inventive, multi-dimensional gaming experiences to consumers in North America and around the world.”

Robotoki was founded in April 2012 by president and former Creative Strategist of the Call of Duty franchise Robert Bowling. Robotoki’s Human Element, a first-person survival game that takes place after a zombie apocalypse, will combine action, strategy and resource management to offer players multiple human survival scenarios. Human Element is due to be released in the fourth quarter of 2015 on next-generation consoles, PC and mobile, including iOS and Android.

“Partnering with a games giant such as Nexon will allow us invaluable access to their expertise and world-class resources,” said Robert Bowling, President and Founder of Robotoki. “Nexon shares our focus on team and talent, as well as our commitment to revitalizing and enhancing the game-play experience, and we are thrilled to work together.”


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  1. Read it up.

    In a nutshell, Nexon wants to release their first console game.

    ” The game is set to be released in Q4 2015, and will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox 720, the PC, and various mobile platforms including iOS and Android.”

    Where…. is…the… fking…. Wii…U!!!!!!!!???? -Classic Gamer Rage-

    Anyway, Lets hope the Nexon NA team doesnt handle customer support.

    • Wii U has dissapointed sales. Plus it isn’t that big for the real gamer. Most Wii games are party games, which doesn’t seem to be what the general audience wants: Dissapointed Sales

    • “Nexon wants to release their first console game” is a terrible way to interpret it. Nexon sees potential in an independent game studio and has taken the opportunity to invest in it, expecting returns when the game is release and opening doors for possible future publishing partnerships or acquisitions.


      • So, Nexon is creating their own game (robotoki developing it and Nexon publishing), or will Nexon America publish one of the currently announced/soon to be announced games by RoboToki (like The Last Of Us… or was it the other zombie survival game.. *confused*)?

        Also, where did you get this info Joey, this page still says “more details comming soon”.

        • That’s exactly what I’m saying. The release says nothing about Nexon having anything to do with the development or running of the game, apart from putting money into the game and getting money out of it.

  2. Interesting that they invest in RoboToki. It’s a new company, almost a year old, yet Nexon America sees potential in the company. I wonder why. They haven’t released a game on their name yet so they haven’t shown their worth yet as a studio. Interesting that Nexon would like to publish a game of a company that hasn’t shown their worth yet.
    Stealth Clown!!! =D

    • I’d laugh if their game plays exactly like Superman 64, but with guns and good graphics.

    • It’s not very difficult to look at the expertise in a studio, the running of a stupid, the ambitions of a studio and the current state of development within a studio to get a general idea of how successful a studio will be. Especially not for Nexon which has done so incredibly well for over a decade in strategic acquisitions and investments. As a matter of fact, it’s better to make strategic and measured investments into relatively young studios which show high levels of promise. It’s risky, but can pay off much higher. This is because once a studio becomes successful and begins raking in its own money it won’t be willing to take in any little investment which would then see it have to “give away” some of its profit. This is even more applicable in the case of full or large acquisitions. When a studio becomes successful its “share” price understandably skyrockets.

      It’s all about strategy. When to invest, when to acquire. How much money to invest, how much of the studio to acquire. Somewhat like gambling.

      • Will this benefit Nexon NA? If so, large or small?

        I wouldnt mind seeing another DFO update. xD

        • This is a sign of Nexon making a rare investment into the North American market. Whether it will benefit Nexon America cannot yet be said and it somewhat unlikely. Like I’ve said before, this investment, although it isn’t all that much now, paves the way to an extent for further partnership, investment or acquisition in the future. Who knows what will happen between these two companies? Maybe Nexon America will handle the publishing and distribution of the game. Maybe Nexon America won’t see a cent coming out of it. Who knows?

          If it does benefit Nexon America, it could be large or small. No way to tell just yet.

          • ALso, I loved how you argued with those people on Basilmarket about them thinking GMS means Nexon America, in the losing revenue thread… ❤

            • LOL thanks. I just hate when people talk about stuff that they know NOTHING about. And even after being corrected, even if a complete explanation isn’t given for why they’re wrong, they don’t have the common sense to figure out why they’re wrong. And I didn’t see your quote.

              • Zach has a Basil life? Cool. PWN DEM BASIL NIBS.

              • Aaaah, those lovely ignorant 12 year old basilers….. Hate ’em

                • Problem is that I’m sure most of them aren’t 12 years old, some are probably quite older than that. They just act 12.

                • I know, and that is what pissed me off -,-

                  And lol, not hating or anything (you should know that by now), but I always thought the the general population of Maplestory being Asian is just some kind of exageration, till I saw the Basil Picture thread……. People playing Maplestory are either Asian or…….. not-Asian… wtf o.O

                • Yeah there is a high percentage of Asians in the game. TBH I had originally thought it was being exaggerated too but over my maple career I’ve been corrected.

                • Yeah lol. I mean, I always thought there were like, 10-20% Asians playing this game.. because well… it is some kind of anime-ish type of game.. lol :p
                  I knew back in my mind that there were a lot of Asians in the game development of Maplestory, just because a lot of them came from Korea and stuff…. Just wondering, since Ricardo (and you) work at Nexon… Is Hime from South-Korea, or is she a American-Asian…. lol, not trying to be creepy, just curious cuz I remember back in the LHC release time when they were live streaming she was like “my english pronounciation is bad and stufffff”

              • why did you get fed up with the basil management. I hear a lot of complaining from people (like Goates, kinda interesting how 2 known people in the Maplestory community are Dutch, Coppersan and Goates, conspiracy). Joined Basil like 3 years ago and come on every once in a while to check funny posts

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