My Song Addiction of February 22, 2013

Such an incredible song.


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  1. First Genesis Song I showcased – Turn it on again.

    2nd genesis song i showcased: Land of Confusion (Better)

    3rd Genesis Song I showcase now: Abacab. (Even better. :D)

    • I… I’m sorry. But. But. I… don’t like it. O_O

      • K good. That was a test to see if you would like any song I put up.

        Honestly, I got out of Genesis yesterday, and I had no song addiction today. :/

        • LMAO. Don’t worry I’m sure I’ll like on of your songs eventually. Our taste in music in terms of genre isn’t far apart as we both favour different rock genres. But it’s just the specific songs that we can’t agree on. It’s the same thing with me and Robbin. Only thing we like in common is Linkin Park, yet all of our song addictions are rockish.

          • So, I watched the painfully awefull Nexon America Harlem Shake…. Not painfull because i hate the company, but… It’s painfull because I love the company so much, and seeing htem get critique from other people makes it soooo bad. Imagine your bro naked on the street and everyone is laughing and throwing things at him…. Makes you feel bad.
            I couldn’t watch the Harlem Shake of NA, was to painfull, yet I still watched it till the end. And the end was kind of ….. different…. Two things that they did kind of wrong IMO were:
            -Collegues in the background not participating and just watching
            – the lighting….. Y U NO HAVE SPOTLIGHTS so it’s not so dark. One of the rules of film is having good lighting

          • I was heart broken when I noticed Orange wasn’t participating. I looked ALL OVER THE SCREEN for a black man, all I found were a few asians and a black women, surounded by white people and people with masks 😦

  2. Oh, and nice song! I like this one. 🙂

  3. Hate the video, like the song:

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