My Song Addiction of February 20, 2013

Teen Wolf returns for its third season on MTV on June 3, 2013.


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  1. Off topic. watching ps4 reveal now at 2 am but its worth it. Diablo 3 for ps3 and ps4 did you know about that =D
    That blizzard guy is AWSOME LOVE THE WAY HE TALKS forgot his name :p

    • Yeah I knew about it. Couldn’t talk though. It was Chris Metzen who made the announcement for Blizzard.

      • I sometimes really wish I was a hardcore console gamer so I could like sony and microsoft..*sigh*

      • Lol I knew you couldnt talk about it. So you sometimes work with Chris Metzen, I LOVE his charismatic body language (no homo). I mean, I FKING LOVE how he was like “Yeah, old school there bro” when someone yelled at him for naming a game I cannot remember. He didn’t stick to the speech format that everyone was giving, ignoring the audience. Nope, instead he just took it all in. And I also LOVE the Capcom japanese man. “Anyone wanna strech? Aaaah, hahaha”

        • I hardly work with him. He’s my “higher up”. He’s a cool person though.

          • But you work in the same building? Cool. So you see him a lot during lunch breaks? Tell him he’s awesome! =D

            Your “higher up”…. I kind of forgot how they introduced him, what is his job? And you are still working there as a artist right? When will you get fired?

            • -Dies-. Yeah I’m still working as an artist. I refuse to get fired -F3-.

              He’s the Senior Vice President of Franchise Development. I actually have never worked directly with him although I’ve seen him contribute artistically to games before.

  2. Oh, silly me. I forgot to post mah song.

    Ive been into Genesis Lately.

    • I kinda like. Still wonder where you find your songs/artists though.

      • In a bad way or good way..?

        • Just to clarify my previous comment. It should be interpreted as: “I kinda like [this song]. [I] still wonder where you find your songs/artists through.

          In a neutral way. I don’t necessarily like all the songs you post there but I find your taste in music interesting. The songs and artists you post are even more further removed from mainstream than some of the underground artists I listen to so it’s good that you find this music. There’s nothing I hate more than a person who only listens to mainstream music and doesn’t know 2+2 when it comes to any songs or artist that isn’t on the Billboard Hot 100.

          • Lmao, thanks for the explanation, and the praise. 😉

            Anyway, I listen to more…….. different radio stations than most mainstream ppl listen to.

            When I find a good song, I listen to it for awhile, then I dig deeper into the artist and find a song I like for a long time! This happens 50% of the time.

            Other 50%? Luck. 😀

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