[NX] Nexon 2012 Revenue Grows 24% To 108 Billion JPY or 1.16 Billion USD, Nexon America Struggles

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2012 was a year in which Nexon made huge acquisitions and investments which boosted their mobile earnings and secured strategic global partnerships. This year Nexon’s revenue grew by 24% to 108 billion JPY, with USD revenues up only marginally to 1.16 billion due to a devaluing Japanese Yen. The growth was driven by the company’s acquisition of Gloops as well as continued strong growth in China. Nexon America saw 2012 revenue of 5.06 billion JPY (54.17 million USD) while the branch’s loss was 562 million JPY (6.02 million USD).

Highlights of fourth quarter 2012 financial results:

  • Revenue was 30.9 billion JPY (331.08 million USD), up 39% year-over-year (YoY).
  • Operating income was 9.7 billion JPY (103.93 million USD), up 5% YoY.
  • Operating income margin was 32%.
  • PC online revenue growth was driven by continued strong growth in China with key titles delivering solid results across Asia.
  • Mobile business was successfully established with acquisitions of Gloops and inBlue.
  • Mobile represented 23% of overall business by revenue.
  • Chinese revenue grew 34% YoY; Korea declined by 2%, Japan rose by 172%, North American fell by 21% while Europe and Others rose by 4%.
  • Nexon Monthly Active User (MAU) count fell to 68.3 million, but this was offset by a rise in the Pay Rate to 10.5% and a rise in ARPPU to 1,683 JPY (18 USD).
  • Revenue was contributed as follows: China (36%), Japan (32%), Korea (23%), North American (4%), Europe and Others (5%).

More details and good reads can be found at Nexon’s  press releaseConsolidated Financial Results for Year ended December 31, 2012, the Q4 2012 Investor Presentation and the Letter to Shareholders.



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  1. NXNAs slap to the face. Nuff said.

    • I’d like to see whats going to happen to get Nexon NAs renvenue getting up.

      • Lol noticed the $160,- MAX INVENTORY Nx Items ? Like, wtf, who in their right mind would buy max inventory slots for 160! What in the world was Nexon America thinking!

        • You don’t have to buy the items. An offer for a discount to max out your entire inventory has been made available and is cheaper than if you were to buy the expansions separately. The fact is that there are many people who have spent more money than that to max out their invents. Just because the price is high doesn’t mean it isn’t a good deal.

        • LOL i could imagine a no life merchant doing that though.

        • In other words, Nexon is offering something for $160 which would cost over $250 if you bought the items outside of the offer. It only looks like a bad deal because it’s a big number, but it isn’t a bad deal.

      • That’s an anomaly. I think Nexon America had become so used to just drifting along with high growth rates that they don’t have much of a plan for when growth slow, stops or even reverses.

        • Revenue given: North American (4%).

          “North American fell by 21%”

          And Nexon has no backup plan.


            • I need to update that. KartRider obviously isn’t coming. Counter Strike Online should be switched out for Counter Strike Online 2. I’m reconsidering my belief that Everplanet would do well in the West. I stand by Cyphers though, it needs to be brought over.

              • “KartRider isn’t coming”

                Because KartRider Dash was a failure right?

                “Counter Strike Online 2”

                Personally, I think Nexon should spend some time focusing on their current FPSes rather than making new ones. I mean, Combat Arms is infested with hackers. If they can regulate the problem and get more ppl coming to their FPSes then a new game would be in good hands.

                I agree on that last statement.

                1. Cyphers

                2. Everplanet,

                And then.. uhh.. Fifa online?

                Everyone in NA: NO!

                • KartRider Dash hasn’t really been a failure. It has nearly 500,000 MAUs. I’m sure Nexon would have hoped for much more though.

                  Combat Arms and Sudden Attack are becoming outdated, especially Sudden Attack. Shadow Company is upcoming and a Ghost in the Shell FPS has been announced to be in development and is expected to be launched globally. You’re probably right that there isn’t that much room for ANOTHER FPS in Nexon’s lineup.

                  Like I said, I’m reconsidering Everplanet. I’ll remove it from the list.


                  1. Cyphers

                  This is gonna be hard…

                  WELL I GUESS SOON ENOUGH Mabinogi 2 and MapleStory 2 will be making their showing on this list.

                • Yeaaaaaahhh. Sadly we have a much more different audience than Korea, so they make games according to them and we just get da lowah end of teh stick, with our FPS lovers. -_-

                  Though, two questions.

                  1. If KartRider Dash did well, and the fact that if cilent comes out it with basically do better, wouldn’t that generate enough profit?

                  2. Whats MAU? xDDDDDDD

                • 1. It’s not doing incredibly well. But it hasn’t been a failure. It’s like DFO in comparison to other Nexon games. Didn’t live up to expectations but is holding its own.

                  2. LMAO. Monthly Active Users.

                  And yeah you’re right. Nexon America Nexon Europe have done a good job in building a solid portfolio of game titles here in the West. Western gamers’ obsession with action and sometimes violence has sidelined the great majority of games published by Nexon in Korea and Japan.

                • Okay.. that leaves one last question.

                  If it is holding its own, but if cilent comes out there will be more players, [/Italic for epicness] why dont you think the cilent will come out? [/italic for epicness]

                • Wellllll because localizing the client costs money that Nexon doesn’t spend on KRD. Server maintenance also takes money that they don’t have to currently spend. Chances are the client will take a bigger team for general maintenance. The large size of the client download for such a casual game doesn’t appeal to Western gamers with our inferior download speeds. There’s no guarantee that the client will bring in more players than KRD does now.

              • You know what NA should bring to America? KMS!

  2. You do know we actualy got the nerfed Lumi right?

    And yes, I was joking, in a away.
    I personaly think they should just translate KMS and bring it to us western players.

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