[GMS 1.28] Game Update

MapleStory will be going through a game update starting on Monday, February 4, 2013. This update will last for approximately 5 hours during which time the game will be unavailable for play.

Pacific: February 4 @ 11pm to February 5 @ 4am
Eastern: February 5 @ 2am to February 5 @ 7am

Update notes coming soon. See the update highlights at https://msupdate.wordpress.com/2013/02/02/gms-1-28-year-of-the-snake-update-highlights/.


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  1. -Logs Into MapleStory for first time in month-

    -Sees questline for Luminous-

    -Accepts and completes repeatedly-

    -Gets an awesome looking 120 Luminous set for free-

    GO EVENTS! 😀

    You guys should get yours before they go away. It may be after the Maint. o.o;

    • Yeah the event is pretty common knowledge.

      • I left my lumi at lv 118, aroudn 50% … couldnt bother playing him anymore.. I mean, I wanted to do it …. but now that the event is over … FUUUU, I just needed to get to lv 120 to get my final piece :p

        Also, still waiting on you wishing me a happy b-day on my blog

        • Happy birthday (again).

          • lol thanks, but I want it on MY blog xD
            Anyways … I know you might not be able to talk about it… but, will Hayato/Kanna make it to GMS? There have been images, equips and data for them in the GMS database found in Southperry, and I think even translated creation buttons… Just spill it, will it come to GMS? Ask Ricardo! :p

            • I’m pretty sure it will come to GMS and have felt that way for a while now. And shouldn’t be too long from now either.

              Orange ain’t spilling. Won’t even tell me whether he knows anything or not.

              • Lol
                Zach: “hey Ricardo, do you –”
                Ricardo: “~lalalalalalala I can’t hear yoooooouuuuu … ”
                Zach: ” All I wanted to ask was if you wanted anything to drink.. guess not”
                Ricard: ” … uuuuuuuuuuuu”

                Why do you think they will come to GMS? I mean… they are JMS EXCLUSIVE

                • Are we REALLY going to have this “exclusive” argument? I thought that was settled years ago.

                  Zach’s Maple Dictionary

                  “Exclusive” (adjective)
                  Originated in a service of the game other than Korea MapleStory. May or may not be based either loosely or heavily on the culture of the originating region. May or may not have been developed with input from the local publisher. May or may not go to other services afterwards.

                  Eg. Crimsonwood Keep is exclusive to Global MapleStory. Crimsonwood Keep is now found in JMS, CMS, MSEA and EMS, in addition to GMS.

            • I dont think Hayato and Kanna will come to MSEA …
              or any original job suited for MSEA like Silat Master.

              • Hayato and Kanna are suited to MSEA?

                • I remember what the head of KMS person man Mr. Boss said on the JMS website, because they didn’t have a trailer or anything for the Sengato Era update. He said that in Korea, there are several teams. Each team is dedicated to each server. So JMS has a Korea division, GMS, EMS, ect. (it just seems like GMS has the crappiest one, seems like they just googled America, found aliens and based future content only off of that, plus the quality of it, both graphical and coding sucks so bad, look at those aliens in the NLC storyline, they randomly dissapear and reappear). What those teams do is research the country’s background and stuff, like any other developer would do, and base content off of that. In JMS’s case, they researched the Sengoku Era, and based the story around real life characters in Japanese history…

                  Then I remember that someone from GMS once said that whenever they look at what content to bring in next in GMS, they look at if it fits their target audience. For example, GMS players would have no relation to Dutch Queens day, or Octoberfest, events that do relate to EMS players. Looking at Sengoku Era, and then looking at America, I think the japanese culture doesn’t appeal to America. BUT, if GMS knows their target audience (and to be honest, I HIGHLY doubt it, because a year ago on BasilMarket Chat, Hime said the dev team didn’t know we all hated 7th Day Of Market, and decided to take it out of the game because of that chat, but if they did a bit of research and played the game they would find out within an hour that we hated it), they would know that 80% (rough guess) of the Maplers are Asian, look at the picture thread on Basil Market. 80% are Asian :p

                  Now, Asians are interested in Asian culture.. .lol … welll .. okay that sounds weird and stuff, but I mean, if you are Asian, you are to like asian culture (wether it is Japanese, Chinese) more than when you aren’t…. So looking at the general “white” culture of America, it GMS shouldn’t bring in Sengoku Era, but looking at the demographic of the game, it would seem like a good idea. However, knowing that GMS always does things the easy way (which is why I RAGED in the comments on their latest useless video…. I mean, WHAT THE FUCK! All they do is recycle trailers and play the same music for the past 10 videos)…. ARG!! It irritates me! They had the nerves….. THE NERVES… TO PUT IN A PIECE OF THE BIG BANG TRAILER…. WTFFFFF, THAT IS ALMOST 3 YEARS OLD NOW… I even noticed some of the PvP trailer! Arg, I hate that. they always recycle content from different trailers/KMS trailers, add in OVERUSED-NON-FITTING-MUSIC and call it a new trailer to get some of that YoutubeMonay!

                  Sorry, I digress a bit. Anywayssssssss. I really want them to bring the Sengoku Era to GMS, becasue I LOVE THOSE 2 JOBS!!! And it is hinted at with the release that 3 more are coming since they said there were 5 legendary heroes in the past… Sweet =D
                  But knowing Nexon and their bad, bad company actings…… I highly doubt they know their target audience and thus decide to not release it. Our only hope is that they do it because they want more jobs, which means more money for them.. .so let’s hope they decide to do it out of a money perspective

                • 1. The teams in Korea don’t independently just add content to the game. They do it in collaboration with each other and the local publishers. Like I said in my definition of “exclusive”, the local publisher (eg. Nexon America) many times actually has some developmental input (usually in the form of a role in design) of exclusive content.

                  2. I wish people would stop looking at what happened with 7th Day Market and act as if it means that Nexon never even knew they ran the game. There really wasn’t much indication that there was widespread hatred of the 7th Day Market in GMS. Yes some people complained about it but there was never any huge uproar that would make Nexon think that it had to be removed from the game. I’m actually surprised they removed it after that chat.

                  3. Whether or not the culture fits the region, if the content is good it’s going to be lobbied for by the community.

                  4. Yes Japanese culture does have a cult-like following in America.

                  5. I’m not even going to respond to your “bad, bad company actings…… I highly doubt they know their target audience” comment because I honestly can’t be bothered to right now.

                • FUCK.. I Was writing a reply, clicked on Skype, and suddenly my whole reply. Poof, gone …. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!! brb writing it again after I calm down!

                • Okay, so did you watch any recent trailers? What did you think of it? Did you notice the recycled content? I did, and it gets me mad. Mad that they don’t put in a lot of effort to create something of their own. Mutiny was a good step forward with the waves and the ship, but now I see them reusing the Mutiny waves for the Root Abyss trailer!

                  I recently started playing League Of Legends. I decided to look at their Youtube channel ,and they are HEAVILY active on their Youtube channel! They upload a weekly show and whenever a new champion get’s released, they release a structured overview of that character with some tips and tricks. They also upload some goofy stuff more in the style of Maple’s interviews with devs, insights or Brian Schmoyer’s New Leaf Saga, with stuff like how they came up with the idea of the Brolaf Skin.
                  They are also really listening to the community, with MULTIPLE skins for champions based off of commmunity feedback. They are loved by their community for listening and being really caring for their game. They get a lot of possitive feedback, almost no negative stuff.

                  Then we have CoD. While CoD has a bad reputation, this is mainly because (especialy BO2 from Treyarch) their audience is blinded by the past, and doesn’t see innovation when it is presented to them. However, they DO listen to the community. I rememer that David Vonderhaar, lead Game Designer over at Treyarch was talking on twitter about the Ghost perk on Black Ops 1, which would keep you off the radar, no red crosshair or name when aimed at…. it basicly kept you completly off the map no matter what unless you fired an unsilenced gun. He talked about how to tweak it for Bo2. Someone came up with the idea of making it so it would only keep you off the UAV’s while you are moving, and split up all other components over other perks. That idea, from someone in the community is now in the official game!

                  Now let’s look at GMS (or Nexon America for that matter). Almost NO effort put in making a trailer, all they do is edit parts together from other trailers. Basicly they only have 5 real trailers, 4 of which are made for all the servers, 1 made exclusively for Mutiny. Then they milk a total of 20 trailers from editing different pieces together from those 5 trailers. Almost no active Youtube account. Blabberbox was cancled I presume, since the last one was like, what…. 8 months ago?! They no good community reputation, only communication with them (besides some events, which are good) are on their own forums… wanna write more… no time now, do it tomorrow

                • SEA people I think are IP blocked unless the made an acc before MSEA opened.

                  I would strongly suggest moving to GMS if you can, considering the fact that they get updates much faster. :D. Just make sure you have goood connection and no lag. The automated banner might catch you. o.o;

                • Above was directed at “Dissapointed”.

                  How did the comments get messed up? O:

              • what is a Silat Master?

                • Silat is a form of martial arts popular in SEA.

                • if you want in terms of maplestory , its a warrior that use keris (a kind of dagger) as main weapon and also bare handed warrior (much like viper / buccaneer in GMS)

                  they got their own fighting stance like Batlle mage and other warriors , can independently use weapon or without weapon depending to situation … only if nexon can do some kind of UI that we can toggle changing weapons . and chain system because most of Silat Master chain their attack , just fighting step really tedious to implement it .

                  classification archtype job for Silat Master in maplestory : warrior / thief / pirate
                  main stat : str (for bare handed / weaponless) , luk (for keris mastery)
                  weapon : weaponless or dagger / keris
                  secondary weapon : (weaponless) – relic and emblem , (keris mastery) – sarung or basically like sword’s sheath but its for keris .

                  nah …. those wish will not come true in msea. it turns out to be MSEA is copy-paster .
                  should i quit MSEA and play GMS instead ?

  2. Quick note here: I got rid of NexonUpdate because I didn’t want to really fulfill that role anymore. I mainly just made it my personal blog like Rakahs (Oh come on you know its not EMS updates anymore lol) and sammehs.

    GIJoeysPlace.wordpress.com is the URL. I did a data transfer and everything. Trying to change the Blog name from NA Nexon Updates but yeaaahh. Sorry for the trouble. xD

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