My Song Addiction Of January 29, 2013

I continue my Community pattern, while at the same time stepping outside of Community.

Official video:


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  1. Zach, I need your (and Orange’s) opinion… Sorry Joey, but I think you will understand 🙂
    I plan on buying GameMaker: Studio, for $200,-. Now don’t think that I absolutely love spending 200,- on that… it is just that it seems necasary. I wanna try out and make some fun little games… but would spending 200 dollars on it be worth it? I want a good program, so, in your opinion(s), is GameMaker a good program to use? I am also thinking of using RPG Mager, which would only cost me 50,- if i buy the normal edition. If I buy the 200,- edition of GameMaker I can export it to HTML and what not.
    Would it be a wise investment?

    • $200 is a lot Robbin. Have you tried the RPG Maker free trial and I think GameMaker has a weaker but free version also.

      From my experience GameMaker is much more fun to use and more powerful but RPG Maker has a more reasonable price. My advice would be to try both of them (through the free trial/free version) before making any decisions.

      • Alright thanks Zach, I will do that 🙂 Appriciate it.
        But it’s RPG Maker like, something for unskilled people, because all I see that you can do with it (on videos) is drag and drop stuff, like .. it all looks like final fantasy and almost all the games look alike because they are all made from the same (unless you edit it) textures… So it would be as if I would make my own Minecraft map and call that “my game”… Hundreds of people can recreate that

        • Yes. RPG Maker is not a powerful game maker. It just depends on what you want. Like I said, try them out and then make your decision.

          • I completely understand why Robbin didnt ask me. I know NOTHING!

            However, if you were to ask me, try the free version, and then if you are really serious about it, buy it.

            And by really: I mean REALLY DANG SERIOUS ABOUT IT!

            I actually tried the free version of those awhile ago. I made an RPG game with RPG maker with fields expanding to lvl 10. It was a nice little game. Not sure if I have the files though. :/

            Then Game Maker (Free) was hard. Maybe they made it easier? -Shrugs-

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