[NX] Nexon Stock Surges On January 23

Nexon Co. Ltd. (JP:3659)‘s stock surged in trading on January 23, climbing 11.84% (106 yen) to close at 1,001 yen. This was in response to the announcement of the company’s global distribution partnership with DeNA and the announcement that Nexon will release its fourth quarter and full year 2012 financial results on February 13.

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  1. Arent you going to blog about the MapleStory level cap raise to 250? Thats some big news yo’.

  2. now. MSEA dont even have hot time for dual blades until now. Safely can assume the DB’s hat will be added in GACHAPON . Probably all of special hat for upcoming new jobs will be added in GACHAPON .

    Are MSEA players too EFFICIENT ?? Look other services maplers, they also efficient, but why MSEA always get the worst treatment …

    and seems like Asiasoft pushing luck too much from us.

    • =/. That seriously sucks. Poor MapleSEA.

    • so, where are you (msea) now with updates, just got Chaos? Hot Times started with Phantom IIRC

      • They got Phantom in November and Azwan on December 4. No concrete content since.

        • well … currently …
          16th january : MSEA got Hilla and dual blade revamp.
          6th february : Mihile and one copy pasted map from other maple named …. VERACENT from EMS. -facepalm-
          march : adventurer + resistance revamp (probably grand battle will also be included)
          april : tempest prelude (no idea, just basically either GMS’s tempest – into the storm or FILLER events or whatsoever.)

          even special stage’s trigger rate in MSEA’s monster park NERFED . in GMS at least you will encounter special stage when do monster park 3 rounds (before when i play luminous every round of monster park i will get special stages) . while MSEA : today’s monster park runs for me , i can only tell 13 rounds of monster park , only once i get special stages.

        • oooh wow, I think MSEA is gettin shut down… Same thing happened to BMS, no updates

          • SEA people; English.

            5 bucks that if what Robbin says is true, Nexon NA will open service to SEA.

            • Something about “SEA people” made be chuckle.

              It is possible but I refuse to think that it’s likely. This statements goes for both MapleSEA getting shut down and for Nexon America opening GlobalMS to SEA if it does indeed shut down.

              • true. FYI, MSEA currently is the biggest cash cows for Asiasoft.
                I dont know , but if MSEA really going to shut down , most likely these possible outcomes will come out :

                1) Nexon will overtake the game for SEA region .

                for this , i got 2 possible outcomes . either revert the drop rates and cash shop price to REASONABLE price for MSEA players or make things more difficult in MSEA , since the staffs for MSEA maybe dont change at all

                2) Close the game for good since inflation in MSEA now really serious.

                now. if GMS you can buy one LV140 cygnus weapons with the price of 100m mesos at least , in MSEA , currently the value for the weapon is 2b mesos but MOST players will sell it for REAL MONEY, which make things more difficult for those who really dont spend money for game at all (except LV140 2 handed hammer and axe , 500m and 1.5b respectively)

                3) Nexon NA open GMS to SEA region .

                dont forget that everything related to MSEA is now at Asiasoft and Nexon KR’s mercy and some spirits. I tried to ibox them for a request changing the nerfed things to be equal of other maplestory services but only get reply that MSEA is different from other maple services.

                i giving up my hope for better future of MSEA because its much like waiting for the snow falls in tropical country which is IMPOSSIBLE unless the world going to end soon.

                once i reached LV 200 for my very own mercedes job , i will stop playing MSEA.

            • MapleSEA will not shut down. I dont think it will,

              however, i DO think service for Maple in Seattle will go to NA is it ever did.

              Why do u think it wont?

              • “service for Maple in Seattle will go to NA is it ever did.”

                Don’t quite understand what you’re saying here.

              • Me neither… do they have a seperate Maplestory version for Seattle o_0… must be pretty empty… What nerfs did MSEA get that are so horrendus?! Or however you spell that, feel free to correct me :). Did they nerf the drop rates and make cash items cost 3x the amount than what we pay in GMS?

                • true . but cash items … its not reasonable for MSEA players .
                  i know regarding exchange rates , but they overprice the items .

                  some examples :

                  @cash / NX
                  PSOK : 15k in MSEA
                  SOK : 12k in MSEA
                  royal coupon : 14k in MSEA
                  shielding ward : 35k in MSEA
                  … many more

                  major patch event shop (legends / justice whatsoever)
                  20% and 40% weapon scrolls : double price from the 70% ones
                  e.g – 40% justice one hand weapon scroll price = 25 coins , 70% = 12 coins
                  clean slate scrolls , pink bean chairs and possibly no other chairs will not available in MSEA’s version event shop .

                  ardentmill items pricing and magnifying glasses
                  4-10 times higher than other services

                  boss drops nerfed .
                  zakum / chaos zakum , at least 5 ppl in party / exped needed to get drops. and drop rate for basic skill books and equipments are LOWERED much .
                  horntail / chaos horntail , need at least 10 ppl in the map to get the drops after killing it . lower than that , no drop at all .

                  silent crusade quests :

                  hot time :
                  legends : NO ELVEN TIARA AND DEVIL HORN GIVEN during MSEA’s hot time .

                  why ?

                  Nexon KR answers : MSEA players are TOO EFFICIENT . THEY DONT DESERVE IT.

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