[GAM] Gamania Pulls Out of North America

Gamania, the Taiwanese leader in online game publishing, has ended its trial in Western markets and called to a close all operations in North America. The publisher took down its game servers for the last time on January 13. At the time of its closure the company published Divina Online and Lucent Heart, while Hero 108 Online (in partnership with Cartoon Network) was in limbo. Impressive action MMO and expected Vindictus rival Core Blaze is in development in Asia and was expected to be also launched in America.

This is just two and a half years after Gamania first announced the opening of their America office and just over two years after Core Blaze was announced.

Nexon and Gamania have had a very prosperous partnership in Asia. Gamania’s most popular games such as MapleStory and Mabinogi are Nexon games. Last year Nexon made a very controversial acquisition of a leading share in Gamania (here and here). Gamania currently services Taiwan and Hong Kong and is preparing for a portal launch in Japan.



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  1. Well, they had even less advertising than Nexon.

  2. Gamania had a North American launch?

    lol guess that supports B1s statement.

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