[GMS] This Month In Our Past: January [2013 Edition]

Welcome to January, one of the greatest months ever for GlobalMS updates. The release of the game’s final job advancement in 2008, one of the game’s most used social features in 2006, the addition of a Global MapleStory original party quest in 2007, and the update of an highly EXP awarding PQ in 2010. Here are the details of game updates in Januarys past.

January 2006

Client Version Update: 0.16
Game Update Name: –
Game Update Date: Monday, January 26, 2006

– Level 80/90/100 equips
– Guild
– Lunar New Year

Guilds will forever be one of the most used, if not the most used social gameplay in MapleStory. Level 80/90/100 equips are also very important in the gameplay of many maplers.

January 2007

Client Version Update: 0.33
Game Update Name: –
Game Update Date: Thursday, January 11, 2007

– Amoria Dungeon 
– Amoria Party Quest 

The Amoria PQ was the first original party quest in Global MapleStory and remains as one of only two, along with what is also Global MapleStory’s, the Crimsonwood Keep PQ.

January 2008

Client Version Update: 0.49
Game Update Name: “4th Time’s the Charm”
Game Update Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2008

– Final Job Advancement
– Leafre
– Mounts
– Legendary Spirit Skill
– Monster Name/HP Bar
– World Maps
– Party Leader Change
– Quest Alarm Function
– Buff/Skill Icon Timer

This is it. The update that has taken #1 in msupdate’s Top 15 Global MapleStory Updates. The long awaited final update advancement and Leafre were released in Global MapleStory on Wednesday, January 23, 2008. With 12 new jobs, 59 new skills, 53 new maps, 21 new NPCs, 19 new quests, 29 new monsters, and the almighty Horntail boss, 0.49 is the biggest and most game changing update ever to Global MapleStory, that is, until the Big Bang hit our shores in December 2010.

January 2009

Client Version Update: 0.64
Game Update Name: –
Game Update Date: Thursday, January 22, 2009

– 7th Day Market
– Magatia Party Quest
– New Tutorial
– Auto AP
– Valentine’s Day Event
– Lunar New Year’s Event

January 2009 has probably been the least game changing January game update. Magatia PQ is less used that many other party quests, the 7th day market was a total failure, and the seasonal events sucked. Fortunately, the new tutorial and auto AP feature made sure that January 2009 will have some effect on new and inexperienced players.

Lunar New Year, Game Update New Party Quest, New Tutorial, 7th Day Market Lunar New Year - Mind of Maple Necklace, Lunar New Year - Firecracker Quest, Lunar New Year - Fortune Pouch Monster NEW White Duck Pet!, Lunar New Year Items

January 2010

Client Version Update: 0.81
Game Update Name: “Winter Wonder”
Game Update Date: Wednesday, January 20, 2010

– Version Up: Monster Survival and New Medal

Although I don’t enjoy it, Monster Survival are extremely popular and rewarding party quests. The Monster Survival turned January 2010 into a good month for Global MapleStory all by itself.

Intrepid Maple World scouts are bringing back reports about two exciting new experiences about to make their debut in MapleStory. If you think you're a great monster fighter, you're about to get the chance to prove it in Monster Survival!There are dark and hidden corners of Maple World where scary things lurk. When they're opened, the call goes out for all Maplers to come and clear away what lurks beneath for the chance at some pretty incredible prizes. It seems that that time has come again. Level 25-30 players should seek out Mr. Lim in the Abandoned Subway Station in the Construction Site North of Kerning City. From there, they may enter the Dusty Platform to fight their way through three stages to the legendary Platform for Train 999 bonus map where Subway Lost and Found prize boxes filled with consumables await! Those who do not go to the bonus map right away will receive the Train 999 Boarding Pass that will grant entry to the bonus through Mr. Lim.Those who slay 10,000 of these beasts will even be awarded with a medal and the title of Honorary Employee! More powerful players of level 40+ may wish to head for Sahel 3 and look for Duarte. There they'll find the entrance to Nett's Pyramid. The Pyramid is a five-stage lost tomb with separate difficulty levels based on player levels (Easy (levels 40-45), Normal (levels 46-50), Hard (levels 51-60), Hell (levels 61+)). Once all stages are cleared you will be able to go to a bonus map immediately or return later by using a Pharaoh's Yeti item with Duarte. Once in the bonus map, gather as many Pharaoh's Treasure Chests as you can to find awesome consumables! Can you delve into the secrets of the sands, battle through 50,000 creatures and emerge with the Protector of Pharaoh medal?<br /><br /><br />
” width=”530″ height=”574″ /><img src=

January 2011

Client Version Update: 0.95
Game Update Name: “Birth of the Mechanic”
Game Update Date: Wednesday, January 29, 2011

– Mechanics
– NPC Duey removed NPC Donald added
– Resistance characters can get Episode 1 hats
– Chinese New Year [Jan. 26 – Feb.08]
– Valentine’s Day [Feb.09 – Feb.22]
– Golden Temple [Feb. 23 – Mar.22]
– Mardi Gras [Mar.02 – Mar.15]
– Bug Fixes

2011 brought the first January class addition, the might Mechanics! Mechanics are one of my favourite classes.

January 2012

The final addition of the Legends update arrived on January 11 with the revolutionary twist that no game update or maintenance was necessary to add the class to the game. That is, of course, if you disregard the inevitable two unscheduled maintenances which followed. It wasn’t just this, but the Golden Temple made a triumphant return with unlimited entry for free for the first time ever in Global MapleStory.

In addition, the Year of the Dragon update which arrived later in the month on January 19 brought our way the Evolving Ring III event as well as the Pink Zakum event.

A notable but unfortunate event which also took place in January was the ridiculous block of stability issues and downtime across all of Nexon’s games which effectively lasted from January 22 to 29. This was resolved in MapleStory only after nearly 40 hours of unscheduled maintenance. We also got terrific compensation which included 3x EXP and Maple Points so in my opinion the downtime was completely worth it.


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  1. 4th job update = the best update ever in ms history. Good times :’)

  2. I remember I started playig maplestory GLOBAL around Januari 2009 …. or when pirates got released.. I remember it was the Januari AFTER pirates just got released (they were the reason why I tried so hard to get my old GMS account to work and leave EMS behind)

  3. This brings back memories. I remember when I arrived in MapleStory like 2 months b4 BB with my Warrior in Windia. I never EVER used skills or potions, I only used the ctrl attack and the relaxer to heal HP. (trololol) Then I remember that quest where Manji would whisk you to Ariant and i waz stuck there. So As a lvl 29 or something, I tried to make it to magitia. Lol no hope.

    I deleted him, and quit Maple for a while.

    After a came back and Made SuperGIJoey (Merc), I used potions ans skills. Man, I was so dumb 2 years ago. ;~;

    • I remember, 6 years ago or something, while playing GMS, me and my lil bro got this account from this kid that he was in the baseball team with. The kids was and is still SUPER fat, like … twice a normal person’s size… and he was kind of mean… So my lil bro asked for his Maplestory account info and he gave it to my lil bro ( think he said he wanted to train him). So then my lil bro changed his password and used it as his own account haha xD

      He had this lv 32 bowmen.. We were so happy because we NEVER got to 2nd job before, so this felt like we had a lv 180 post-bb now xD My lil bro took him to orbis, but he never went there before so he go lost wandering the Eos Tower.. died and respawned in El Nath. Then he was stuck in El Nath .. Forever! xD This was because when ever we wanted to get back to orbis we would die by those pinguin monsters in the map before the tower haha xD

      Then the fat baseball kid got mad that we “hacked” his account. So we gave him the password to his account.. Then he got even madder because he noticed his main was stuck in El Nath without any way of escaping. HAHAHA xD

      He then got one of his friends to hack our account.. yeah it was a sad day when I noticed I couldn’t log in anymore. So we left GMS and went to Europe… OR it was the other way around and this happened on Europe, and then we stopped playing EMS because our main account got hacked (basicly MY account, lil bro didn’t play Maple that much), and tried to password reset our old GMS account, which worked after some trouble and we got to play GMS again… We had some trouble with playing GMS after EMS launched, because it kept telling us we needed to play the EMS server because we were from Europe upon logging in.

      Also, during the time we played EMS (I think, OR it was GMS and my lil bro and I shared an account), my lil bro was playing on his first bowmen called RollingKnight… ooh so much laughs we still have about that character. He originaly planned on makin RollingKnight a warrior. But he then noticed at level 10 he put to much stats on Dex and almost no on STR, so he HAD to become a bowmen xD
      Then at level 27, someone told him to follow him. The guy gave him a Sleepy Wood scroll and they went into the dungeon (lil bro didn’t know what it was back then). My lil bro struggled to stay alive and then they came to the caravan pot shop in the middle of the dungeon. My little bro died, and whenever he would respawn he would respawn at the caravan dude….. Stuck in the dungeon, forever xD
      I think to this day that character is still level 27, stuck in the dungeon xD

      Maybe you can look him up on the Rankings, then I know for sure he is on my account, think he is on Windia GMS … to lazy to do myself .. aaah good time xD

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