[GMS] MapleStory 2012: The Year In Review

MS 2011 year in review

Welcome to the second annual installment of The Year In Review (TYIR), a recap of the year’s highlights of updates in Global MapleStory. It has been a year filled with speedy and large content updates back-to-back. Some of the best events we’ve ever seen in the game took place this year and I certainly hope this doesn’t change for 2013. Personally I’ve been inactive in the game if you compare this year with previous years, but I expect that to change for the better in 2013.

January: Demon Slayer

The final addition of the Legends update arrived on January 11 with the revolutionary twist that no game update or maintenance was necessary to add the class to the game. That is, of course, if you disregard the inevitable two unscheduled maintenances which followed. It wasn’t just this, but the Golden Temple made a triumphant return with unlimited entry for free for the first time ever in Global MapleStory.

In addition, the Year of the Dragon update which arrived later in the month on January 19 brought our way the Evolving Ring III event as well as the Pink Zakum event.

A notable but unfortunate event which also took place in January was the ridiculous block of stability issues and downtime across all of Nexon’s games which effectively lasted from January 22 to 29. This was resolved in MapleStory only after nearly 40 hours of unscheduled maintenance. We also got terrific compensation which included 3x EXP and Maple Points so in my opinion the downtime was completely worth it.

February: Alliance Rising

OMG CWKPQ! The return of the Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest an eternity after it was removed from the game. The “slightly” less important hero class revamps, theme dungeon revamps, the new Silent Crusade and Arkarium also came this month. Some minidungeons also went through map design and monster changes.

February 2011 also saw some pretty decent Valentine’s Day events which included an interesting NPC love rectangle plot.

March: Alliance Unbound

Alliance Unbound was surely one of the most exciting updates of the year with the release of the Resistance revamp and the invasion of New Leaf City by aliens. The alien socket system also made its debut which gave players one more way of upgrading their equips (this is a change I detest). Special challenges such as Monster Carnival and the Mu Lung Dojo went through a revamp, some for the better, some of the worse. Some long overdue changes came to the Free Market and they’re pretty awesome.

The first Day of Darkness of 2012 took place on March 19 and 20. I wasn’t able to attend, but from what I heard it was a major disappointment  Oh, back in the days when Days of Darkness used to be insanely fun.

Server stability issue struck again in March with over 24 hours of unscheduled maintenance time in Nexon’s attempts to solve the problems.

April: Alliance Eternal

It was finally the time for Explorers and Cygnus Knights to receive their revamps. Not only that, but Ultimate Explorers were also revamped while Nett’s Pyramid was reorganized along with the Lion King’s Castle.

Apart from Alliance Eternal, April was a pretty uneventful. No major events apart from Alliance Eternal events and no major downtime. Nexon did announce their 2011 earnings which was relatively disappointing for Nexon in comparison to what they are used to, especially Nexon America.

May: 7th Anniversary

To very important birthdays are in May. MINE and Global MapleStory’s! This had to be one of the most disappointing MapleStory anniversary in the history of MapleStory. A few new Maple equips, a few events, but nothing worth mentioning. Well the announcement of the removal of MTS is pretty big.

June 2012: Renegades

Now THIS was an update. Nexon America’s love on alien related content continued with the Regengades update in June. The exclusive Jett class was released along with many other game changes and events which kept us all busy for the early Summer. The thief class went through a super revamp, part time jobs and character cards were released. This was a truly game changing update that I really enjoyed.

July 2012: Phantom

The month of July started off on bad footing with 10 hours of unscheduled maintenance time within the first three days.

I’d say things balanced off pretty well when Phantom was launched on July 9 without too many hitches. The awesome Renegades server also made its debut. Still love the name of that world!

Then, in the midst of the usual outbreak of hacking and glitches through the game, Azwan was released. I hate Azwan.

Who really doesn’t like 2x events? 3x events make me jump for joy. But when you get two hours of 3x sandwiched between a total of two hours of 2x I’m ecstatic. That’s what we got EVERYDAY from July 27 to 31. EXP Overdrive, I’ll never forget you.

August: Mutiny

I LOVED this update. Not only were the long awaited pirate and dual blade ravamps released, but so was my beloved Red Leaf High. I just love that place 😀 :D. An extention of the Renegades coins event gave lots of people, including myself, more time to collect and purchase.

MapleStory was finally launched on Steam on August 12 and the entire month consisted of over 3 hours of unscheduled maintenance.

September: MTS Removal

The Maple Trade System (MTS) was removed from the game indefinitely on September 4. This was done during the New Dawn update which also added the Mihile class to the game.

Just a little over two weeks after New Dawn came CHAMPIONS on September 20. PvP returned in the form of the Grand Battle, the extra line of potential came out. Warriors, Mages and Bowmen were revamped and the Legends classes (Cannoneer, Demon Slayer, Mercedes) became available for creation once again for a limited time. Other game events such as the Charity: Water events took place.

Because we just couldn’t a whole month without it, 7 hours of unscheduled maintenance followed between September 21 and 30.

October: Masquerade

BEAUTY COUPONS ARE BACK!!! The Masquerade update which arrived on October 23 was filled with awesome new events to celebrate Halloween and the United States Presidential election. Quite an entertaining update. The Beauty Coupon event, Uninvited Guest PQ, Attack of the Zombies, Malady’s Secret Mission and the Presidential Election event were the events which were added to the game.

October was a successful month with a great event update and no unscheduled downtime.

November: Rise Against

While most people were either celebrating or plotting their suicides following the re-election of President Barack Obama, Nexon was hard at work preparing for the next update to hit Global shores, Rise Against. On November 15 the Resistance classes underwent a revamp which included pretty Mechanics. Chaos Pink Bean and Sakura Castle as a minidungeon were also released. The cash shop was redesigned after 7 years and best yet, RED LEAF HIGH returned!!!

And because Nexon simply couldn’t wait to take us into the revolutionary Tempest update, they gave us two updates for November.

The adjustment of job advancement levels (3rd job from 70  to 60 and 4th job from 120 to 100), the removal of secondary stat requirements from all (well, most) equips, a redesign of the free market and Tempest coin events all premiered in this update.

November was also a quiet month where unscheduled downtime is concerned.

December: Tempest

December has hardly failed us yet. Each and every December since Global MapleStory launched has been packed with exciting and anticipated content. Even December 2007 which didn’t pack any core content consisted of some of the best Christmas events ever in MapleStory.

The incredible Luminous arrived on December 5. Additional Tempest events and holiday events like Happyville and Missing Santa were activated while several events to celebrate the launch of Luminous also came into the game.

Not too long after Luminous came Kaiser on December 16. The hyper skill system was released for the hero classes as well as Kaiser and the new powerful boss Magnus made his arrived.  The Treasure Island event was also surprisingly added to the game.

We have now entered 2013 and are saying goodbye to the previous year. All of out memories of the game from last year will remain with us.

Because this song is somewhat relevant…


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  1. Look at the Pic of Mercedes and Demon in the title! They’d make a great couple. <333

    Um, what? I mean, good job making this post! I cant believe you actually stood up and wrote this whole thing. o.o;

    Or maybe im thinking too overworldly. MAYBE, you actually have two butts. A lazy one and an energetic one.. ah whatever. Last posts convo was last posts convo.

    Oh, and I never liked that name for a server, Renegades. I'd choose Justice anyday. 😛

  2. what changes came in March to the Free Market?
    Also, bought WoW 2 days ago (undead priest lv 13 now or something like that)… so if anyone is interested… I play in a PvP world .. don’t know the name… think it was somewhere on top of all the Realms…

    • Map redesign. Ability to change free market rooms without leaving the room you’re currently in.

        • I’m not sure what proof I can possibly generate.

          Why the doubt?

        • BTW you’re forgetting someone’s birthday.

        • When’s your birthday again?

          • You can show me your concept art… and why did you change it from saying “me and Orange designed it” to “me and Nexon”…
            And i thought Orange was the one working at Nexon and you worked at bliz

            • I didn’t change it. O_O. If I did then it was an accident. Orange did it as one of his regular work projects. I just helped him out. Rough art isn’t something that you’d keep for over a year, especially not when it’s an in-office project.

              • Just remember to do it from now on, just in case I might ask you about it… so: KEEP ALL YOU ROUGH ART !!! I don’t care if it takes up your whole living room, deal with it! :p

                But I think before it said you and Orange did it, but now it says you and Nexon did it …. wuuuut o.O Which one is the truth?
                My b-day is February 4th =D

              • Just wondering, did Orange (or you) make/help with the GMS Root Abyss video? I noticed that for once, the GMS content trailer did not exist out of recycled trailer material/enlarged in-game sprites with cheap animations.
                I did notice that the Vellum boss drawn by GMS looks really bad..

                Ooh and I copletly did not expect Root Abyss to come now, for once a trailer is right (0:06)

                • I doubt he did. He usually tells me about his major projects without giving details and he didn’t say anything about any videos. Maybe that video was actually created in Korea.

              • Wait, does Korea create GMS videos? I thought GMS created their own trailers, which explained why it always looked so crappy and full of recycled content (no offence).
                Like …. our Chaos trailer even had some parts of Big Bang in it o_0…
                So, any news if Orange is working on a new Maplestory project?
                What is his main job at Nexon America.. I know he is the drawing guy ( :p ) but is he assigned to a specific game (like, he is official a artist for Mabinogi, like that), or more like, he is a artist who’s skills can be used where ever it is neccesary?

                • Some of them are created in Korea and then send to America for caption and/or voicing. He’s a general artist who’s called upon by different departments when necessary.

              • So do you know which ones were made in korea and which one in America? I have a guess that the Chaos and Legends ones were made in America, and the Mutiny one and the Root Abyss one were made in Korea, because of the higher level of quality. Not hating on Nexon America, but face it, the trailers that seem to be coming from Nexon America are way worse than Korea (for example…. a stupid wink from Cannoneer…. wtf)

                • I have no idea. Don’t follow these stuff.

                • You should, you are Msupdate for crying out loud xD.

                  ANyways …..so… any news on anything Orange is doing for Nexon right now?
                  Btw, how is your Blizz MMO coming together… I know you officialy cannot talk about it, but are you still working on that? Is it still fun? Howfar are you guys in the process?

                • Things are going smoothly. I really like working at Blizzard where things go slowly but steadily. Basically Blizzard sacrifices speed in order to achieve as close to perfection as possible. I’m pleased with how T it turning out.

                • Because I know your obsession with my family and life, Sammi opened a blog. It’s just a general blog intended only for a small audience like her friends. Follow it. http://sammehsblog.wordpress.com/

              • I wrote on her blog, I will follow that one for sure! Never knew MapleFreak would open her own blog

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