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[GMS] MapleStory 2012: The Year In Review

MS 2011 year in review

Welcome to the second annual installment of The Year In Review (TYIR), a recap of the year’s highlights of updates in Global MapleStory. It has been a year filled with speedy and large content updates back-to-back. Some of the best events we’ve ever seen in the game took place this year and I certainly hope this doesn’t change for 2013. Personally I’ve been inactive in the game if you compare this year with previous years, but I expect that to change for the better in 2013.

January: Demon Slayer

The final addition of the Legends update arrived on January 11 with the revolutionary twist that no game update or maintenance was necessary to add the class to the game. That is, of course, if you disregard the inevitable two unscheduled maintenances which followed. It wasn’t just this, but the Golden Temple made a¬†triumphant¬†return with unlimited entry for free for the first time ever in Global MapleStory.

In addition, the Year of the Dragon update which arrived later in the month on January 19 brought our way the Evolving Ring III event as well as the Pink Zakum event.

A notable but unfortunate event which also took place in January was the ridiculous block of stability issues and downtime across all of Nexon’s games which effectively lasted from January 22 to 29. This was resolved in MapleStory only after nearly 40 hours of unscheduled maintenance. We also got terrific compensation which included 3x EXP and Maple Points so in my opinion the downtime was completely worth it.

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