[GMS] Don’t Assume Anything. Just Be Patient

Be patient and wait. Make no assumptions. That is all.

This is my 1,100th post.


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  1. Feels like a cheap excuse to say “Robbin shut the fuck up, don’t comment about GMS Tempest sucking and stop talking about my future family plans because my girl is kinda busy right now”… and to make a cheap 1100th post

    • LOL. I assure you that this post has nothing to do with you or your (somewhat entertaining) comments in that other post.

      • Then what is it about? I have nothing really to expect from Tempest other than Luminous…
        All GMS is doing this winter with some of their “exclusive” content is bring back HappyVille after 2 years of absence, or alteast 1 year… Seriously what donkey over there decided to not release HappyVille last year 😡

        Unless you have some insight in what they have planned, then I will disagree with your post and say that Tempest will suck because it wont bring much exciting content. Played Kaiser in KMS… BORING…
        Haven’t played ANgelic Buster but what ever -_-

  2. I expected something along the lines of:




    But this is fine. =)

    • Not to burst your bubbe or anything, but these jobs are FAR from new. Kaiser has been known since it was released in KMS half a year ago, same with Angelic Buster. Yep, not Burster like it was called in KMS. GMS will name it Angelic Buster… Feels like good now that it is called Buster and Hime kinda admitted that it was a parody of Megaman :p

  3. So Zach, did you know about this change with Luminous in GMS, was that the info you knew?
    Also, I noticed that KMS in their Unlimited patch introduced the increased drop rate for equipments by 5-10 times…. Then I realised GMS did this aswell but with their first Tempest update… .So it seems like GMS implented a feature that KMS was planning on doing, before they did it!

    • Yes it was. The impression I got was actually that it’d be bigger but this is acceptable I guess.

      • So who told you this? Potato– I mean Orange? What did he tell you “GMS is going to change the way Luminous plays” ? I man curious behind the descisionmaking progress of this descision…. you got any inside info like what Nexon America’s reasoning behind this was? Not your guess, but like.. the real company thought on why they felt like they needed to change Luminous? I mean.. I have an idea.. I think they did it because they felt like in KMS you were obligated to keep switching skills when you might not like a certain skill, so they decided to give you full controll over when to switch.. One downside is that I never get into Equilibrium mode because the Dark Skill with chains is just to good in 3rd job… No other skill can compete with that on Jesters or other training spots

        • He hinted to me that Luminous and Kasier would be changed in GMS to “give players more freedom during play”. I actually thought a storyline change was coming too but I guess not. He wouldn’t give me any specifics.

          • @Robbin: HUH!?

            The light skill was freaking awesome!!

            Sure, the dark skill was okay, but I mained that light skill.

            Though, I get where your going. I never went into equilibrium because I spammed the light skill the whole time. xD

            but 4th job light/dark skills suck. (Including Ender)

          • Who is this “he” Mr. Potato?
            So Kaiser will get changed as well… hmm, interesting. Maybe we don’t have to use the attack keys anymore to speed up the gauge and can just use the normal skill.

            @Joey, Eclipse = super good on Jesters.

            Wth, 4th job light skill is BOSS!
            Go to aliens (map 5 or 6) and you will kill the ENTIRE MAP in 2 -3 hits. You can just stay on the top platform, use it, and the light will also hit the bottom! Really good KS move!

            • Yes, the “he” is Orange.

            • @Robbin: I didn’t go to Jesters. To crowded.

              Yeah, the 4th job light skill is really powerful! WHOA.

              But… It’s just not fun to use. Enjoyment > Power. o:

              I really want to get my Lumi to 120. So when Unlimited comes, I can get its level 2 link skill, but, It’s just not fun anymore.

              Personally, Kaiser, AB, and DAvenger doesn’t seem all that great. I’m praying that Xenon is good. I mean, I love thieves, so what can NXKR do wrong with this class? Right? Right?

              • I don’t go to jesters either. I’m somewhat of a rebel when it comes to training.

                • Well, I did the storyline quests all the way through, then I started training. (MP3, Aliens.)

                • On my Lumi I trained:

                  Starting at blue ribbon pigs and moving to the next map on the right every few levels (up to level 30)
                  Kerning Square, went to CDs in the early 30s (up to around level 4X)
                  Robos (up to 5X)
                  Roids (up to 7X)

                  That’s it to 120. Somewhat slower than more common training plans but efficient and fun.

                • Yeah. For specifics:
                  Storyline: 10-52
                  Jesters: 52-55
                  Storyline: 55-60
                  Dark Sand Dwarfs: 60-70
                  MP3: 70-90
                  Aliens: 90-102
                  Too bored to continue Lumi at that point. -_-;

                  You making a Kaiser or AB?

                • Plan to make an AB. Can’t be bothered with Kasier right now. It’s unbelievable how much this game has been boring me. My blogging activity shows it.

                • I was surprised with the fact that I played MS for around a week and I got bored of it after not playing for 3~4 months.

                  Maybe it was Luminous?


                  I still have DFO. :3
                  I’m thinking about just waiting for Xenon. Sticking to thieves is the right thing to do for me I guess.

                  However, I don’t like the 4th job skill previewed.


                • I don’t mind Luminous. It’s a nice class. I think I’ve just been playing this game with so much dedication for too long. Not that I’ll stop playing, but I’m sure not playing as much as I used to. My Luminous is currently level 8X and gaining levels extremely slowly.

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