[DNKR] Dragon Nest Korea Transfers Publishers from Nexon to Actoz Soft

One of the biggest shocks in Korean gaming this year came in late October when Nexon Korea announced that the company would no longer be the publisher of the Korean service of Dragon Nest. The publishing contract between Nexon and Dragon Nest’s developer Eyedentity Games expired and was not renewed. Nexon had been negotiating for a renewal of the contract but Eyedentity chose to divert the game’s publishing rights to Actoz Soft. Both Eyedentity Games and Actoz Soft were acquired by Chinese gaming giant Shanda Games in recent years.

No changes are expected for any other service of Dragon Nest at this time. Dragon Nest is a non-targeting action MMORPG which made its global premier to widespread acclaim in March 2010. The game has seen particularly outstanding success in China and surpassed 60 million global players just 16 months after its first launch and 100 million global players within 24 months. Dragon Nest is currently services in South Korea (Actoz Soft), North America (Nexon), China (Shanda Games), Japan (NHN), Taiwan and Hong Kong (Gamania), South East Asia/Global (Shanda Games through CherryCredits), Thailand (AsiaSoft), Indonesia (Gemscool) and is currently preparing for a launch in Europe.


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  1. My jaw literally dropped. O.o

    • As did mine. I’ve been so behind time with news. It’s just today that I learned about Vindictus being opened to Australia and Mexico and this DN transfer which are two HUGE pieces of news that are weeks old.

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