[EMS] Tempest: Kaiser, Phantom, Alliance Content

No I’m not crazy! Europe MapleStory is receiving an update this Winter, it’s called Tempest and included are the Kaiser and Phantom classes as well as the Alliance Rising, Alliance Unbound and Alliance Eternal content. This will make EMS, as far as I can say at this time, the first service of the game outside of Korean to receive the Kaiser class.


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  1. Hoax Facebook post was a joke..
    I think…
    Would make a bit more sense though, releasing Kaiser now, and then the 2nd job of a new race after 6 months, instead of releasing 2 jobs of 1 race at around the same time…
    It DOES make me wonder why EMS is so far behind if they are now already up to translating Kaiser skills. If they wanted they could release everything in 1 huge patch to be up par with GMS….
    You might argue that it isn’t a good marketing move, but I ask you why not?
    There is no reason to stay so far behind because it is not like you have a limited suply of stuff. If you are 6 months behind KMS like GMS it is not like you have to worry what to release in the next BIG patch (June/Juli & November/December) because KMS has something for you that they just got a month ago.
    It would only be smart to lure more customers because most Europeans are playing GMS instead of EMS because of this, EMS is way to far behind (which is why I decided to play GMS instead of EMS even though I was still playing eMS, I left that and went to GMS.
    It would only attract more people PLUS less people would switch from EMS to GMS.

    • It wasn’t a joke. I think…

      Just because they’re now translating Kasier skills doesn’t mean that they’ve translate everything that GMS got between where EMS is now and Kaiser. In other words, just because they’ve translated Kaiser doesn’t mean they’ve translated what GMS got in the recent Rise Against update.

      • yeah hmmmm, but it sure seems like they are getting the WHOLE Tempest Update and all the Alliance stuff. Basicly they are up par with us now minus Mihile, Jett and Rise Against which was only a mechanic revamp. And looking at how they say ” all classes have been changed” might mean they also put in that revamp. This kinda pisses me off because it shows that eMS devs are working really hard, but the GMS ppl have patches ready for 4 months with stuff being in the data and don’t release it…
        I have thought over the problem of releasing stuff compared to KMS and that you need stuff for every month, but here is my solution if I were that person that is the boss at Nexon HQ.
        I would send a team of translators and coders to korea to live there (like… people that are already from korea of origin) or if that would be to much trouble would make sure we have a open connection with Korea, talking about stuff as if they were sitting next to us. Use stuff like Skype or something more secure. Let’s say we start doing this right now as of November 28.
        What we would do is we would work really hard the next 6 months preparing whatever KMS is getting this Winter, and make it ready for our Summer.
        Another thing we would do RIGHT NOW is put some of our devs and translators to work on what Korea is working on right now.
        Yes I get that Korea might be working on something right now that is to be released in March, but that doesn’t matter.
        What we will do is we will translate and help code with everything they are doing in real time, so we basicly have the exact same copy of content at our office in the same stage as they have it only in english. When their Winter Update is complete we would release all the patches over the months that we are missing from the translation and coding that KMS was doing (if they are working in december on March 2013 stuff then we are missing 3 months). SO in those 3 months we would release all the patches in between KMS’s Tempest and Winter update.
        (we would ignore all the content KMS is releasing from January – March, but we would already have the March update ready by the time KMS people are done creating it).

        March would arrive and we would release the same patch as KMS will be releasing all the way up to the Summer update. We would keep on working actively on translating and coding the KMS content (yes I know GMS has, just like all other versions, developers in Korea. Those are Korean people that were assigned to make exclusive content for our version so don’t say it will not give us the ability to create exclusive content because that’s done in Korea).
        In our Summer update we would release KMS’s Winter, and current Summer update (just like what EMS is doing now, 2 big patches in 1).
        Now you might be wondering, when are we going to release the January – March patches we missed? It’s easy, we will release that in our big Summer update, or if April – June are boring we release it then.

        From this moment on we will keep up par with KMS. Thanks to this we will get more customers, people will be attracted to us and will not move to KMS or EMS. This will result in more NX bought and thus more money for Nexon America. This will also attract more new customers. Another benefit is the popular image we would get ammong the player base.
        ANOTHER up side is all the posts that will be written on the internet on both proffesional and unproffesional blogs and websites giving us free PR.

        • Let’s wait until we see exactly what’s coming in the update before we jump to any conclusions. GMS recently has been flying through updates faster than any other service now or ever (until December 5 when EMS gets Tempest). It’s been update after update after update for GMS. The content has flowed. GMS devs not working hard enough? Remember that not too long ago GMS was up to a year, maybe even longer, behind KMS in content. We’ve now caught up to lag 4-6 months behind because of the holidays. I’m actually surprised EMS and MSEA aren’t approximately inline with us already considering that all services of the game except for Korea, Europe and SEA are approximately at the same place (or within 1-2 months of each other). Content delivery has become more organized. That’s one reason why I stopped predicting updates. Because content is no longer being mixed and matched when being ported from say KMS and GMS so it’s pretty obvious what content is coming and what it’s coming.

          Your solution to the problem does make sense. But Nexon has basically implemented it already. That’s how we got from being over a year behind KMS to being 3-6 months behind them. Nexon just sees it being more economical porting content outside of Korea after it has been released in Korea and I don’t think that will change.

          • Yeah I know it wont change which is why I said when I am in charge..
            If korea would be working on it right now (let’s say they make 3 lines of code, 1 of those includes some NPC text, and they make 2 sprites) then GMS devs will translate those 3 lines of code on the spot (since they work with Korea at the moment they typ it in the code program). So basicly they mimic their moves from day to day.

            GMS was a year + behind KMS like 3 years ago. EMS is 2 years behind KMS. EMS has caught up 1,5 years in the time GMS only caught up 1 year….. EMS is doing a WAY better job

            • That’s a terrible comparison. It’s obvious that really as much content as Nexon wants CAN be ported on any service of the game within a reasonable time frame. I’m sure that if Nexon really wanted to update GMS or EMS or TwMS or anyone else to KMS’s level they would be able to do it quite easily. Nexon seems to want all services of the game (except Korea) to lag behind Korea by less than 9 months. What I’m saying is that it isn’t a race or competition between the services to catch up as close as possible to Korea.

              • Not but it is a “race” for customers… Nexon America is a seperate company compared to Nexon Europe in a way that their bosses don’t share their collective profit. So if GMS wants to attract more people they need to differentiate and be better than in this case EMS if they want their (current) Europeans to stay playing GMS..
                One bad thing that GMS did right after Big Bang was that they kept giving us 2x exp & drop events LITTERLY almost every weekend. This made GMS players be so “spoiled” by 2x that they took that exp gain as the standard EXP gain and when there isn’t any 2x on they won’t grind because it feels slower than what they are used to. If you would look at KMS (maybe EMS too) where players aren’t spoiled, you see players play maple the whole day because the godly exp comes only once every couple of months!
                It is like giving your kid a hug each time he does something right. If you do that everytime he will be expecting you to give him a hug even for the smallest things and will get mad and complain when you don’t. However, if you do it every once in a while he will still see the value in the hugs and don’t take them as granted each time after he does something.
                This is in my opinion why GMS players complain about Maplestory. They say it is boring. It is boring because training on 1x is to slow, takes to long and with that is boring. They feel this way becuase 2x is like the normal exp for them.
                EMS and KMS players don’t say the game is boring because they train on 1x exp becuase for them that is the norm and 2x is just on those rare occasions where you would get godly exp.

                Another example is for me working at the mc donalds. Let’s say I get a free burger each day I work ebcause my boss thinks I am doing a good job. If it happens a lot I will start expecting it every day after I finish work to get a free burger. But if he does it only on special occasions I will see it as something I get because I did something really good and I will keep seeing it as something special that only happens every once in a while…

  2. Even though Luminous is WAY better (Go Team Lumi~) Props to EMS for making all these updates into this MS!

    Since AB and Lumi are funner than kaiser, they added in kaiser with Phantom so the good could come now then they release Lumi and AB and everyone dies because of a fantasic update.

    Kudos to you EMS!

    • There was also a poll asking the players which class they wanted next. Kaiser didn’t win.

      • Guess they’re saving everything for the summer.

        Anyway who DID win? Lumi?

        • No idea. I just heard that Kaiser didn’t win. Too tired to check who actually won.

          • In your time, it’s only 7:30. I get tired waaay later. o.o;

            Phantom destroyed the votes with 47%

            Up in second was Angelic Burster and.. and
            LUUUMIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!! -has a spaz attack-
            Both at 15%.

            4th place ended up with Kaiser with 4% of the votes.

            5th place was Jett with 2%

            6th place was that loner, Mihile. With 1% of the votes.

            So.. Phantom ended up coming, and Lumi and AB probably gonna come later since they tied, and Kaiser was next to they slapped him on there.

            Your welcome for not being lazy. >:3

            • You get tired way later but you also don’t have my hectic schedule which balances personal and professional responsibilities as well as a healthy dose of recreation. I’m not usually tired that early but it has been a very fun but also super tiring week. Plus work was killer.

              Hi Joey!

              • “Hectic schedule” …. “Healthy dose of recreation”
                hmmm, I think you “healthy dose of recreation” is trying to make another sister for Brad and his upcoming sister. hmmm 😉
                I like your hectic schedule…. looking for some free time and some time to do your job in inbetween the “special time” with your girl…

                Y U NO MARRY YET!!!

                Also, when is Brad’s sister arriving?

                • Well that doesn’t make that much sense considering that you can’t “make” another “sister” when a “sister” is currently in “production”.

                  And Brad’s “sister” is due in March.

                  And how do you know “she’s” a “sister”? We won’t find out until next week.

              • Ur wife told me she had this feeling in her stomach that it would be a girl… a GUT FEELING…. hehe 😉

                Who said you were busy being recreative with your girl?
                And you still haven’t answered my question: Y U NO MARRY !!!

  3. Lol why does the thief and pirate revamp get delayed like gms?but it’s a good thing they are going their own way instead of following msea

  4. You have a girl, so why don’t ya marry her… or did you two split up?

    • We’ll get married eventually. We just don’t value marriage as much as the typical person does.

      • When you are getting married, and I have established my home in Canada or the USA, I will most definetly pay you al a visit and bring gifts for you two and your (by then) 8 kids. 😉

        • Do I look like I want to be driven to insanity? My grandparents had 5 kids, my dad had 9 kids and I do not plan on continuing the apparent family tradition of a multitude of children.

          • So your dad increased the previous number by 4/5 (80%). That means you need to have around 16 kids (16,2) to continue his multiplier legacy :p Same goes for you brother and all ur sisters and bro’s. So if my calculations are correct, by the year 2276 70% of the world’s population will be your family. Don’t ya want 70% of the world to be from your family? haha :p

            But no seriously howmany kids you two want? 3? There must be like 9 ppl in the house now. Orange, his wife (forgot name, thought Jennifer or something) Orange’s 3 year old.. or was it 2, Zach, Sammy, Brad, upcoming sister for Brad, Duy, your two friends.. 9 ppl not counting ur upcoming daughter =D

            • How do you think of these things? And I’ll stick with 2 or 3. Orange and his wife and son moved over to the other section of the house which is connected to this side but isn’t really part of it (I guess) because the tenants who had been renting it since my Aunt was still alive and owned the house moved out. Duy lives over there too.

              • Could ya maybe make a tour of your house…. Or pictures. I am curious as to how big it is and what the interior looks like (have always been fascinated by houses for some reason)

              • Well I think it is more the creativity you can put into it.
                I absolutely LOVE uniqueness and only like games that really have a lot of different jobs or possibilities beause I dont want to be like other people. This is why I like houses (more the interior) to see what different kinds of houses there are (places of the different rooms and stuff).. I think this is mainly because I dont have my own house yet and I just want to find a really nice house and want to look at what other people have :p

  5. Ya Zach ya better show dis to yah gurl rite naow:

  6. This update also includes DB revamp, Thief/Pirate revamp (both confirmed), first Tempest update (job adv changes, secondary stat changes) (not totally confirmed, Nexon explained it quite weird in the mail), Magnus (hinted by GMs), and all skill changes from Alliance Unbound to Kaiser update in one. They just rushed all unnecessary updates and put them in one update together I guess. Luminous and AB might come later, same with Azwan, unconfirmed though. Mihile might not come.

    • Can you please forward us the mail EMS people send. And with hinted by GMs do you mean Global Maplestory or Game Masters?

    • I love how EMS devs are thinking if they arent releasing Mihile.. Then they are thinking from a player standpoint and looking at if it is neccsary. THey noticed how players hate it that EMS is so far behind and are switching to GMS/KMS, so they step up their game big time. They notice how players ABSOLUTELY hate Mihile so they wont release it.
      Instead of GMS just releasing utterly useless and lame updates that no one cares about and try to give it a good spin. Sure Jett is nice and all, but I think if EMS really has this mentality and they had to release a version exclusive, that it would be something more than just a reskin with a double Mercedes jump… or a stupid Mihile class just because KMS did it and we think it is so cool while in reality none of our devs actualy play Mihile (and those that acutaly play their own game are in the minority, which I can understand BIG TIME, becuz working on codes ruins the imagination behind the whole universe of your game)

      • Yes, because releasing updates a break neck pace over the last 6 months to get the Tempest as quickly as possible without missing out on any content that any player may like (like what GMS devs. have been doing) is so terrible. They should be lined up and shot execution style. All of them.

        Does my sarcasm rip you to shreds?

        • But that is why I said, if they incorporated Maplestory Unlimited in GMS right now just like KMS, then we will be up par and can do what I have said before, instant translation…. Or do it in the summer update..

          • Just to let you know, I mentioned Mihile propably not coming because:
            1. It lost the poll, and the poll must’ve had the reason; it was 6 months before Mihile should have been released and it lost big time.
            2. It seems like they’re mainly going to do it the BMS way but with a whole lot more updates (wait about three months up to 6 for every patch, but make the patch big unlike BMS).
            Mihile, Luminous, Angelic Buster, Azwan, PvP have yet to be mentioned by Nexon; this probably means that the update is that big that they’ll mostly be talking about the first parts for now^^.

        • hmm then it must be from here… Yeah I playes EMS, told ya lots of times :p
          Started with GMS like 7 (?) years ago. Then when they introduced the IP ban for Europe I couldn’t log in anymore so I switched to EMS. Then after a couple years my lil bro found a way how to reset our password for GMS, We reset it and we could play GMS around the time PIrates got released, think March 2009. Since then I have been playing GMS but it is getting so boring … feel like nothing is the same anymore.. 😦
          Maplestory is boring becuase suddenly 3 of my chars are 4th job and I need to reset a total of around .. hmmm.. lets say 5000 Skill points (15 characters all above lv 70 with the exception of one, and a couple above 120)…. It’s going to be hell to do it for my lv 142 Cannon shooter.

          Battlefield 3 also feels so stupid now!!
          Haven’t played it in almost 3 months… Started playing again today becuase of new content and it feels so annoying when I play it. It looks great and stuff, but when I move my aim, it accelerates after going super slow.. ARGGGGGG didn’t remember me having acceleration issues before 😡
          Might be cuz of my new PS3

    • This is pretty big. It’ll be interesting to see how this goes.


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