[GMS 1.23] Tempest Arrives November 29

Nexon America has launched the campaign site for the Tempest update which has revealed that the update will arrive in Global MapleStory on November 29, 2012.

The first update, Enter the Storm, comes on November 29.

  • The game’s 3rd job advancement can now be made at level 60 and the 4th job advancement at level 100.
  • Equipment for all classes no longer has substat requirements.
  • Exchange collected Tempest coins for rare items in the Tempest Shop.
  • Honor Experience can now be gained in Azwan whenever you want.
  • The maximum number of character slots per world per account has been increased from 15 to 18.

Just six days later on December 5 the Luminous update will arrive. The illuminated shadow which sealed away the Black Mage has awakened.

At least two other Tempest updates are expected but have not yet been revealed.


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  1. Aha, you beat me to it.

    Looking forward to play Maple on mah new Lumi in 19 days. (So loong..)

    Oh, bye Shakar. He quit. Pretty shocking. o.o;

  2. Hey Zach, did you know that the BMS will return? http://www.maplestory.com.br

    • Woah! I had no idea. That’s awesome! Thanks for the heads up :).

      I think I’ll wait until some more details are revealed before I post anything much.

        • Oh my gosh. I just can’t wait to see what will happen when that countdown timer on the Brazil site finishes.

          • I’d laugh if like a big troll face shows up on the screen afterwards. =P

              • I wonder if people will start playing it again..
                THey have reasons not to.
                I mean, think about what those people are doing now They most likely joined another maplestory version or stopped playing maplestory completly. Why start over AGAIN.
                Another thing to be afraid of is the quality and security, because BMS will now be ” owned ” by a new company, which seems to be just a fan group, it will be likely for it to shut down soon after it’s launch again after there seems to be no interest in the project anymore by the new publishers.

                • I don’t think a shutdown too soon after re-launching would be due to a loss in interest by the new publisher. I can see a rather short lifespan because as you said it’ll be hard to rebuild a playerbase given the situation. I’m sure many of the “veteran” players have moved on and, let’s be honest, it’ll be difficult for a game such as MapleStory to build a new base in this day and time. Plus as you said, this doesn’t seem to be an established publisher taking over the game (which is why I’m waiting for more information). Does the publisher have what it takes to live up to Nexon’s standards and make the game profitable?

                • In my opinion they will only be able to lure in new players by being up par with either KMS or GMS, which would also be a HUGE increase of new content compared to the old BMS AND the server ex-BMS’ ers are playig in now

                • Well I highly doubt that any newly localized service of the game would begin lacking too much content. It wouldn’t suit anyone.

                • Plus they need to find a way to attract the people that are currently playing another version/quit

  3. In KMS news, it’s december patch is coming out in Dec 6th. So we can be like:

    OMG LUMI IS SO AWESOME—d’aw KMS got something so much cooler.. *-*

    • What can be cooler than Lumi though?


      I need to get around to changing my background, header and gravatar now. And posting. And updating my lists. Eventually.

      Hi Joey! 🙂

      • I’ve switched from team AB to team Lumi. xD

        And I mean, no class can beat Lumi, but I’m talking about content. And KMS is really stressing that its gonna be great. o: (Like, another big bang?)

        Yeah, halloweens come and gone. I’m looking forward to your christmas/Tempest theme. =D

        Yo Zach!~ Long time no see. =P

        TEAM LUMI FTW!

        • “Maximum Damage you can do to monsters has been increased from 999,999 -> 50,000.000.”

          Angelic Burster Died.

        • That’s the same thing they said about Tempest. OMG! BIGGER THAN BIG BANG. Yeah… no.

          TEAM LUMI!

          • True True. I was looking forward to Automaton, but it seems like It’snot happening.


            Team LUMI FTW~

            • And remember when PVP came back I said “I don’t think GMS is gonna get rid of PVP this time”

              Note how there is no PVP closing for Tempest. =P

              • I hate PvP now. HATE IT!

                The PvP which was originally released in GMS was perfect. It was ruined with the CtF mode update and this new PvP sucks IMO.

                • I know. I LOVED the old PVP. :c I spent HOURS of my life playing Team mode.

                  When CTF came out, I played it and it was fun… but I saw an EXP decline. So I played a few matches then I went to FFA for a bit.

                  I almost died after my first match. They ruined PVP! 😦

                  This new PVP is DECENT. I enjoyed myself for a bit, but 5% EXP for lvl 13x, for 30min-1hr of playing, I just went back to LHC. ._.;

                  I remember leveling like crazy in old PvP. xD I legit wondered to myself: “Should I be leveling this much? o:”

  4. I want world transfer back 😦
    I’m so lonely, would like to join my friends……….

  5. *Looks at Header*


    *Reorganizes blog for 20 minutes*

    ….I have a question.

    How do you make the background scroll when you scroll? Like, mine is tiled so when you scroll down it looks messy 'coz it keeps cutting off.


  6. BTW MapleStory is on Steam. The exit pop-up doesn’t come up on the Steam version.

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