Final Maple Election Quest Poll Results Are Out

The final Great Maple Election Quest poll results have been released just one day before the big election day 2012. The result was an overwhelming victory for incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama. Obama won 82% of the vote to Romney’s 18%.

If these were the results of the actual election Obama would have won the states of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Organ, Alaska, Hawaii, and the great CALIFORNIA for a total of 510 electoral votes.

Romney won the states of Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming, Idaho and Alabama for a total of 22 electoral votes.

South Dakota was tied 50-50 and D.C. was not registered in the results.

Election day is TOMORROW. I encourage everybody who can to go out and vote. Your vote is one of the most valuable things you are given in life and it should not be wasted.


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  1. *remembers debate about the use of your vote*

    funny how the actual real poll determination thingy is 84,5 – 16,5 for Obama, so maplers are kinda close to the ral world… I am just wondering if Nexon had this campaign with all its games, also with ingame events, and if those votes were combined or only just the maplers. Lol at D.C. not included, if just 1 person over there voted it would be 100% wich would look funny imo xD

    In other news, I am hopefully getting my new laptop tomorrow, Asus A55D or something, i7 Intel core, Nvidia GT610 (2 GB), 750 gb, 8 ram… can anyone tell me if that is good? I have no clue on comps :p
    costed me 700 euros… about 950 dollars. Ppl on Basil said my graphics card is crap and i7 is useless

    • That’s not a bad deal at all. Nice HDD, excellent memory. i7 processor is not useless at all. Graphics card is a small cut below the rest of the laptop but it’s definitely not crap. $950? Not bad.

      And the real life polls aren’t saying anything near these results LOL. Latest polls:

      Obama 48%-48 Romney
      Obama 49%-46% Romney
      Obama 47%-46% Romney
      Obama 48%-49% Romney
      Obama 49%-48% Romney

      Real life polls are actually really really close. And it’s just MS that had this type of event for the elections. I’m not even sure if other games had any major events at all.

      • well I watched WoodysGamertag’s video on Youtube about who will be the next President.. and he showed a graph on one thing from this vote counting thingy website, and it did show that the votes were like 52 Obama 46 romney or somethign like that.. btu he also showed some other graph about the chances of winning and it showed 84,5 – 16,5.. thats what I mean

        • Oh yeah, that makes more sense. Because of our ridiculously ridiculous electoral college system of election even though the popular votes will likely be so incredibly close, Obama has many more avenues to get to the magic 270 electoral votes needed to be elected than Romney does.

            • Yep he did and I’m pretty happy.

              • Me too, I think if Romeny won hell would break lose with his stupid ideas

              • @joey, idk if he lied, haven’t really followed him, just know some stupid things he wanted to do that made me feel like he wanted America to go back 50 years in time -_-

                Now .. @everyone
                Got my Asus laptop but there are couple problem with it. My FN button used to work fine.. but now I cant use FN 9-12… idk why but whatever, gotta download new package lol… and my Power4Gear gadget also stopped working (grayed out) for some reason…
                Another problem I have is the keyboard.. kinda annoying sometimes not really responding, im used to my old keyboard.
                ANother thing that annoys me is the touchpad. When I am typing I sometimes (even now) hit my touchpad with my palm. But because my touch pad is actualy one big left click button, if I press it anywhere it will react as a left click….. so yeah I think you can see my problem…
                Final thing I hate about this laptop is the fact that it was advertised as having 750 GB, but My C driver only has 279 GB (230GB free space left) and D driver is like 379… so yeah they screwed me over on that.. or is that normal? If so, where the heck did they got the 750 GB from?!?!?!!

              • I bought my laptop from a online webshop..
                They stated it had 750GB… but when I look on ” My Computer” the C driver only has a max of 279GB and the D; Driver only has 393GB… so, could I ask some money back or do I have any ground to stand on, or is this normal for laptops?

                • Well the C drive and the D drive add up to near 750 GB. It’s interesting that you have two large drives like that though. The only thing I can think of is that your hard drive has been partitioned into the C and D drives. But I don’t know why that would be so. Can you safely store your own data into both the C and D drives?

                • I get a total of 672 out of the 750 GB (only 623 useable).. havent tried doing anything with the D driver,mostly plan on using that as backup for if my C driver gets to full, so all my content isn’t scattered over 2 discs

                • 672 GB is still a good deal for the price xD.

              • Ooh and for if you are interersted I have a BEAST mouse… KOne [+]. I love how I can adjust all the buttons on the mouse… =D ❤ gaming mouse

                • I also had a Kone mouse. It got stolen last week along with my regular laptop, my external hard drive and my flash drive. So I basically lost all of my important data including stuff for this blog, work, my Maple archives, pictures, etc. The first time I ever have all those in one place and I decide to park outside of the Blizzard parking lot because there was a road block, my car alarm was malfunctioning AND I accidentally leave my car door open. Sigh.

                • LOLL! aww I feel so bad for you. I think there is some former-collegue of yours or maybe just a collegue that is jealous of your creative power and drawing master thingy, that he decided to F you over

                • LOL nah I doubt it. Though that would be a pleasant plot twist.

  2. Sigh… the video dosnt work properly, clicked on the Copy video URL at this time in video…
    Anyways, skip to 2:55

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