My Character Progression

I made my own Global MapleStory account in July 2005 and have been playing actively ever since. I’ve played on Scania and Bera servers. I’ve had eight characters that I’ve raised by myself (mostly) over my time playing this game. Their current levels are as follows:

Priest (Scania): Level 100 (since Dec 2010)
Dark Knight (Bera): Level 200 (since Sep 2009)
Bishop (Bera): Level 160 (since June 2010)
Corsair (Bera): Level 200 (since Mar 2011)
Aran (Bera): Level 200 (since Aug 2011)
Mechanic (Scania): Level 120 (since Aug 2011)
Mercedes (Scania): Level 150 (since Sep 2012)
Phantom (Scania): Level 105 (since Aug 2012)

Through all of the tens of thousands (no exaggeration) of screenshots that I’ve taken and have not lost, all my notes, documents, discussions and estimations I’ve been able to create (with the help of my old classic friend Microsoft Excel) a graph showing the progression of each of these characters from their creation until now. There was quite a bit of estimating with my Scania Priest and Beran Dark Knight because back in the early days I didn’t do much documentation of my progress. For the last few years I’ve tried to screenshot every level up that I make.

Click for larger image


I’ll be updating this every month to every other month depending on my level activity during that month. I should be pretty active throughout the rest of this year with me planning to create several jobs this Winter and continue to push forward on my Mercedes.


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  1. That chart of yours is awesome!

    • O_O. I just used Excel. But thanks :).

      • I was gonna comment that earlier, but I have commented on this blog alot today. o:

        Anyway, Nice chart! xD

        • You only commented once (apart from this comment that I’m replying to) today. And once yesterday. I feel lonely.

          • LOl I am sorry I ahve been neglecting you ❤

            Wtf man a couple lv 200's, howthe %^&%&
            My highest is a 14x canon shooter, the one below that is a 125 DS. I think I got carried away with my canoneer. Was on 4x the whole time and took me abuot 2 days to get to 140…. then istopped leveling him because of no XP boosts (that Nexon America's flaw, all the 2x exp event make peopel not train on 1x)… Feels like I have a instanced lv 140 because I seriously almost can't remember anything like training him because it all went so fast :p
            I used to take screenshots aswell from my level ups. even have youtube vids of it (no you won't get the link, and NO, my username on youtube isn't me, that is my lil bro)

            For the love of god, DON't go to that youtueb channel, I am so embaressed of the horrifying english @his channel… makes me wanna go cry in a corner 😦

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