[KK] Open-denomination Karma Koin Cards Now Available and The Karma Movement Moves Into Mexico

If you have a high-priced item you want to purchase but are tired to inputting multiple codes to charge the cash needed to purchase the item, Karma Koin has a solution. Open-denomination cards are now available at Walgreens! Any amount from $10 to $500 can be loaded onto a single card and then the one card code used to redeem the virtual cash.

In addition, the Karma Movement is expanding. This November Karma Koin cards will now be available at 7-Eleven and Best Buy in Mexico! The Karma Movement has taken over the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.

Karma Koin (http://karmakoin.com/) is a virtual cash card from Nexon America which was launched in September 2011. 1% of all purchases made using Karma Koin is donated directly to charity. In addition to use on Nexon America’s online game portal, Karma Koin’s growing list of partners includes JoymaxZ8GamesGameRageDekaron GlobalElsword GlobalFantage,  Musicshake and many more! For a full list of the services in which Karma Koin is accepted as a payment option, see http://karmakoin.com/where_to_use. For a full list of the thousands of locations where Karma Koin can be purchased, see http://karmakoin.com/where_to_buy.

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